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2013 The influence of some technological factors on production obtained from the autumn wheat grown in the system with minimum soil works and the economic efficiency of crop technologiesIgnea, Mircea; Mureşanu, Felicia; Cheţan, Felicia
2016 Determining the technology influence of soy on the soil, production and economic efficiency on Turda areCheţan, Felicia; Cheţan, Cornel; Muresan, Felicia
2017 The evolution of chemical properties of soil under the influence of tillage systems and fertilization at the culture of wheat in the period 2007-2016 at ARDS TurdaCheţan, Felicia; Şimon, Alina; Deac, Valeria; Cheţan, Cornel
2017 The influence of mineral fertilization upon production and quality of spring barley on agricultural research and development station TurdaDeac, Valeria; Cheţan, Felicia; Cheţan, Cornel; Şimon, Alina; Mureşanu, Felicia
2017 Research on the influence of the soil tillage system on soybean yield at ards TurdaŞimon, Alina; Cheţan, Felicia; Cheţan, Cornel; Deac, Valeria
2018 Research regardind to the improvement and optimisation of soil conservation system "no tillage" for wheat culture, specific pedo-climatic conditions of the Transylvania plain areaCheţan, Felicia; Cheţan, Cornel; Şimon, Alina
2018 Research on the influence of fertilization on yield and economic efficiency at soya cultureŞimon, Alina; Cheţan, Felicia; Popa, Alin
2019 New variants of soybean cultivation under the current climate changesCheţan, Felicia; Cheṭan, Cornel
2020 Researches regarding the influence of the unconventional soil tillage systems upon weeding and soybean yield, in pedoclimate conditions in the transylvanian plainCheţan, Felicia; Cheţan, Cornel