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2005 Trade, gravity, and sudden stops: On how commercial trade can increase the stability of capital flowsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Cavallo, Eduardo A.
2006 Trade, gravity and sudden stops: On how commercial trade can increase the stability of capital flowsCavallo, Eduardo A.
2006 Quid pro quo: National institutions and sudden stops in international capital movementsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Velasco, Andrés
2007 Does openness to trade make countries more vulnerable to sudden stops, or less? Using gravity to establish causalityCavallo, Eduardo A.; Frankel, Jeffrey A.
2007 Output volatility and openness to trade: A reassessmentCavallo, Eduardo A.
2008 Do credit rating agencies add value? Evidence from the sovereign rating business institutionsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Powell, Andrew; Rigobón, Roberto
2008 Are crises good for long-term growth? The role of political institutionsCavallo, Alberto F.; Cavallo, Eduardo A.
2012 Foreign Aid in the Aftermath of Large Natural DisastersNoy, Ilan; Becerra, Oscar; Cavallo, Eduardo A.
2013 A New Taxonomy of Sudden Stops: Which Sudden Stops Should Countries Be Most Concerned About?Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Powell, Andrew; Pedemonte, Mathieu; Tavella, Pilar
2014 Is Business Saving Really None of Our Business?Bebczuk, Ricardo N.; Cavallo, Eduardo A.
2014 Is the Eurozone on the Mend? Latin American Examples to Analyze the Euro QuestionCavallo, Eduardo A.; Fernández Arias, Eduardo; Powell, Andrew
2015 What is the Relationship between National Saving and Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean?Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Pedemonte, Mathieu
2015 The Mystery of Saving in Latin AmericaBecerra, Oscar; Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Noy, Ilan
2016 Saving for development: How Latin America and the Caribbean can save more and betterCavallo, Eduardo A.; Serebrisky, Tomá
2017 Domestic antidotes to sudden stopsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Izquierdo, Alejandro; León-Díaz, John J.