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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005Trade, gravity, and sudden stops: On how commercial trade can increase the stability of capital flowsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Cavallo, Eduardo A.
2006Quid pro quo: National institutions and sudden stops in international capital movementsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Velasco, Andrés
2006Trade, gravity and sudden stops: On how commercial trade can increase the stability of capital flowsCavallo, Eduardo A.
2007Does openness to trade make countries more vulnerable to sudden stops, or less? Using gravity to establish causalityCavallo, Eduardo A.; Frankel, Jeffrey A.
2007Output volatility and openness to trade: A reassessmentCavallo, Eduardo A.
2008Are crises good for long-term growth? The role of political institutionsCavallo, Alberto F.; Cavallo, Eduardo A.
2008Do credit rating agencies add value? Evidence from the sovereign rating business institutionsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Powell, Andrew; Rigobón, Roberto
2012Foreign Aid in the Aftermath of Large Natural DisastersNoy, Ilan; Becerra, Oscar; Cavallo, Eduardo A.
2013A New Taxonomy of Sudden Stops: Which Sudden Stops Should Countries Be Most Concerned About?Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Powell, Andrew; Pedemonte, Mathieu; Tavella, Pilar
2014Is Business Saving Really None of Our Business?Bebczuk, Ricardo N.; Cavallo, Eduardo A.
2014Is the Eurozone on the Mend? Latin American Examples to Analyze the Euro QuestionCavallo, Eduardo A.; Fernández Arias, Eduardo; Powell, Andrew
2015The Mystery of Saving in Latin AmericaBecerra, Oscar; Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Noy, Ilan
2015What is the Relationship between National Saving and Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean?Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Pedemonte, Mathieu
2017Domestic antidotes to sudden stopsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Izquierdo, Alejandro; León-Díaz, John J.
2019International capital flow reversalsCavallo, Eduardo A.
2020Preventing sudden stops in net capital flowsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Izquierdo, Alejandro; León, John Jairo
2020Growth-friendly fiscal rules? Safeguarding public investment from budget cuts through fiscal rule designArdanaz, Martín; Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Izquierdo, Alejandro; Puig, Jorge
2021The impact of natural disasters on economic growthCavallo, Eduardo A.; Becerra, Oscar; Acevedo, Laura
2021Sectoral productivity growth, COVID-19 shocks, and infrastructureAhumada, Hildegart A.; Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Espina-Mairal, Santos; Navajas, Fernando
2021The output effects of fiscal consolidations: Does spending composition matter?Ardanaz, Martin; Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Izquierdo, Alejandro; Puig, Jorge