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2007 The determinants of corporate risk in emerging markets: An option-adjusted spreads analysisCavallo, Eduardo; Valenzuela, Patricio
2007 Debt sustainability under catastrophic risk: The case for government budget insuranceBorensztein, Eduardo; Cavallo, Eduardo; Valenzuela, Patricio
2008 Public investment in developing countries: A blessing or a curse?Cavallo, Eduardo; Daude, Christian
2009 Financial development and TFP growth: Cross-country and industry-level evidenceArizala, Francisco; Cavallo, Eduardo; Galindo, Arturo
2009 The Economics of Natural Disasters: A SurveyCavallo, Eduardo; Noy, Ilan
2010 Catastrophic Natural Disasters and Economic GrowthCavallo, Eduardo; Galiani, Sebastian; Noy, Ilan; Pantano, Juan
2010 Estimating the Direct Economic Damage of the Earthquake in HaitiCavallo, Eduardo; Powell, Andrew; Becerra, Oscar
2010 The Politics of Financial Development - The Role of Interest Groups and Government CapabilitiesBecerra, Oscar; Cavallo, Eduardo; Scartascini, Carlos
2010 The Role of Relative Price Volatility in the Efficiency of Investment AllocationCavallo, Eduardo; Galindo, Arturo; Izquierdo, Alejandro; Leon, John Jairo
2010 The Aftermath of Natural Disasters: Beyond DestructionCavallo, Eduardo; Noy, Ilan
2016 Gone with the Wind: Demographic Transitions and Domestic SavingCavallo, Eduardo; Sánchez, Gabriel; Valenzuela, Patricio
2016 Can Countries Rely on Foreign Saving for Investment and Economic Development?Cavallo, Eduardo; Eichengreen, Barry; Panizza, Ugo
2016 Can countries rely on foreign saving for investment and economic development?Cavallo, Eduardo; Eichengreen, Barry; Panizza, Ugo