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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Emission trading restrictions with endogenous technological changeGaleotti, Marzio; Buonanno, Paolo; Carraro, Carlo; Castelnuovo, Efrem
2001 Global warming, uncertainty and endogenous technical change: Implications for KyotoCastelnuovo, Efrem; Moretto, Michele; Vergalli, Sergio
2001 Model uncertainty, optimal monetary policy and the preferences of the FedCastelnuovo, Efrem; Surico, Paolo
2002 What does monetary policy reveal about central bank's preferences?Castelnuovo, Efrem; Surico, Paolo
2003 Definition of price stability, range and point inflation targets: the anchoring of long-term inflation expectationsRodriguez-Palenzuela, Diego; Castelnuovo, Efrem; Nicoletti-Altimari, Sergio
2003 Describing the Fed's conduct with Taylor rules: is interest rate smoothing important?Castelnuovo, Efrem
2003 Learning by Doing vs Learning by Researching in a Model of Climate Change Policy AnalysisGaleotti, Marzio; Vergalli, Sergio; Castelnuovo, Efrem; Gambarelli, Gretel
2003 Squeezing the Interest Rate Smoothing Weight with a Hybrid Expectations ModelCastelnuovo, Efrem
2008 Estimating regime-switching Taylor rules with trend inflationCastelnuovo, Efrem; Greco, Luciano; Raggi, Davide
2009 Monetary policy, inflation expectations and the price puzzleCastelnuovo, Efrem; Surico, Paolo
2009 Testing the structural interpretation of the price puzzle with a cost channel modelCastelnuovo, Efrem
2010 Policy Rules, Regime Switches, and Trend Inflation: An Empirical Investigation for the U.S.Castelnuovo, Efrem; Greco, Luciano; Raggi, Davide
2010 Calvo vs. Rotemberg in a Trend Inflation World: An Empirical InvestigationAscari, Guido; Castelnuovo, Efrem; Rossi, Lorenza
2010 Stock market conditions and monetary policy in an DSGE model for the USCastelnuovo, Efrem; Nisticò, Salvatore
2011 Trend Inflation, Wage Indexation, and Determinacy in the U.S.Ascari, Guido; Branzoli, Nicola; Castelnuovo, Efrem
2017 Uncertainty and Monetary Policy in Good and Bad TimesCaggiano, Giovanni; Castelnuovo, Efrem; Nodari, Gabriela
2017 Google It Up! A Google Trends-based Uncertainty Index for the United States and AustraliaCastelnuovo, Efrem; Tran, Trung Duc
2017 Estimating the Real Effects of Uncertainty Shocks at the Zero Lower BoundCaggiano, Giovanni; Castelnuovo, Efrem; Pellegrino, Giovanni
2017 Uncertainty-dependent Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks: A New Keynesian InterpretationCastelnuovo, Efrem; Pellegrino, Giovanni
2017 Estimating the real effects of uncertainty shocks at the zero lower boundCaggiano, Giovanni; Castelnuovo, Efrem; Pellegrino, Giovanni