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2003 Social Conformity and Bounded Rationality in Arbitrary Games with Incomplete Information: Some First ResultsCartwright, Edward; Wooders, Myrna
2003 Social Conformity in Games with Many PlayersWooders, Myrna; Cartwright, Edward; Selten, Reinhard
2003 Conformity and Bounded Rationality in Games with Many PlayersCartwright, Edward; Wooders, Myrna
2003 On Equilibrium in Pure Strategies in Games with Many PlayersCartwright, Edward; Wooders, Myrna
2004 Learning to Play Approximate Nash Equilibria in Games with Many PlayersCartwright, Edward
2004 Contagion and the emergence of convention in small worldsCartwright, Edward
2005 On the emergence of social conformityCartwright, Edward
2007 On the emergence of social normsCartwright, Edward
2007 Social learning, search and heterogeneity of payoffsCartwright, Edward
2008 Public goods, social norms and naive beliefsCartwright, Edward; Patel, Amrish
2009 Does category reporting increase donations to charity? A signalling game approachCartwright, Edward; Patel, Amrish
2009 Social norms and naïve beliefsPatel, Amrish; Cartwright, Edward
2009 Leadership in a weak-link gameGillet, Joris; Cartwright, Edward; Van Vugt, Mark
2009 Endogenous leadership in a coordination game with conflict of interest and asymmetric informationCartwright, Edward; Gillet, Joris; Van Vugt, Mark
2010 Does the endowment of contributors make a difference in threshold public games?Alberti, Federica; Cartwright, Edward
2015 Efficiency in a forced contribution threshold public good gameCartwright, Edward; Stepanova, Anna
2018 The optimal strategy in the minimum effort gameCartwright, Edward
2019 Ransomware and reputationCartwright, Anna; Cartwright, Edward
2020 Social Framing Effects in Leadership: Preferences or Beliefs?Cartwright, Edward; Drouvelis, Michalis
2021 Are people willing to tell pareto white lies? A review and new experimental evidenceCartwright, Edward; Xue, Lian; Brown, Charlotte