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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Plug-in semiparametric estimating equationsGutierrez, Roberto G.; Carroll, Raymond J.
1996 Transformations of additivity in measurement error modelsEckert, R. Stephen; Carroll, Raymond J.; Wang, Naisyin
1997 The efficiency of bias-corrected estimators for nonparametric kernel estimation based on local estimating equationsKauermann, Göran; Müller, Marlene; Carroll, Raymond J.
1997 Large sample theory in a semiparametric partially linear errors-in-variables modelsLiang, Hua; Härdle, Wolfgang; Carroll, Raymond J.
1997 Nonparametric estimation via local estimating equations, with applications to nutrition calibrationCarroll, Raymond J.; Ruppert, David; Welsh, A. H.
1997 Nonparametric function estimation of the relationship between two repeatedly measured variablesRuckstuhl, A.; Welsh, A. H.; Carroll, Raymond J.
1997 Design aspects of calibration studies in nutrition, with analysis of missing data in linear measurement error modelsCarroll, Raymond J.; Freedman, Laurence; Pee, David
1997 Estimating covariance matrices using estimating functions in nonparametric and semiparametric regressionCarroll, Raymond J.; Iturria, Stephen J.; Gutierrez, Roberto G.
1997 Measurement error, biases, and the validation of complex modelsCarroll, Raymond J.; Galindo, Christian D.
1997 Local linear regression for generalized linear models with missing dataWang, C.Y.; Wang, Soujin; Carroll, Raymond J.; Gutierrez, Roberto G.
1997 Analyzing bivariate continuous data that have been grouped into categories defined by sample quantiles of the marginal distributionsBorkowf, Craig B.; Gail, Mitchell H.; Carroll, Raymond J.; Gill, Richard D.
1997 Polynomial regression and estimation function in the presence of multiplication measurement error, with application to nutritionIturria, Stephen J.; Carroll, Raymond J.; Firth, David
1997 Nonparametric kernel and regression spline estimation in the presence of measurement errorMaca, J. D.; Carroll, Raymond J.; Ruppert, David
1999 Estimation in an additive model when the components are linked parametricallyCarroll, Raymond J.; Härdle, Wolfgang; Mammen, Enno