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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1989 Teoria dei giochi e teoria della politica economicaGiavazzi, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo
1997 The female labour market in Italy: Evidence from regional and sectorial dataCarraro, Carlo; Rettore, Enrico; Schenkel, Marina
1997 International environmental agreements: Incentives and political economyCarraro, Carlo; Siniscalco, Domenico
1998 Environmental coalitions with heterogeneous countries: Burden-sharing and carbon leakageBotteon, Michele; Carraro, Carlo
1998 International games on climate change controlCarraro, Carlo; Moriconi, Francesca
1998 R&D cooperation, innovation spillovers and firm location in a model of environmental policyCarraro, Carlo; Soubeyran, Antoine
1998 The double dividend issue: Modeling strategies and empirical findingsBosello, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo; Galeotti, Marzio
1998 Advances of climate modelling for policy analysisBosello, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo; Kemfert, Claudia
1998 The structure of international environmental agreementsCarraro, Carlo
1999 Recycling energy taxes: Impacts on a disaggregated labour marketBosello, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo
1999 Integrating climate policies in the European environment: A policy reportCarraro, Carlo; Goria, Alessandra
1999 Voluntary approaches, market structure and competitionBrau, Rinaldo; Carraro, Carlo
2000 Costs, structure and equity of international regimes for climate change mitigationCarraro, Carlo
2000 Emission trading restrictions with endogenous technological changeGaleotti, Marzio; Buonanno, Paolo; Carraro, Carlo; Castelnuovo, Efrem
2000 Behavioral and distributional effects of environmental policy: IntroductionCarraro, Carlo; Metcalf, Gilbert E.
2001 Science vs. Profit in Research. Lessons from the Human Genome ProjectCarraro, Carlo; Pomè, Alessandra; Siniscalco, Domenico
2001 Participation incentives and the design of voluntary agreements: Special issue on voluntary approaches, competition and competitivenessBrau, Rinaldo; Carraro, Carlo; Golfetto, Giulio
2001 Can equity enhance efficiency? Lessons from the Kyoto ProtocolCarraro, Carlo; Bosello, Francesco; Buchner, Barbara; Raggi, Davide
2001 Science vs. profit in research: Lessons from the human genome projectCarraro, Carlo; Pomè, Alessandra; Siniscalco, Domenico
2001 Endogenous induced technical change and the costs of KyotoBuonanno, Paolo; Carraro, Carlo; Galeotti, Marzio