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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1975 Economies of Scale and Technological Change: An International Comparison of Blast Furnance TechnologyCarlsson, Bo
1976 Beskattning och produktionsfaktorerNorman, Göran; Carlsson, Bo
1980 The West European Steel Industry – Structure and Competitiveness in Historical PerspectiveCarlsson, Bo
1981 Industristödspolitiken och dess inverkan på samhällsekonominCarlsson, Bo; Bergholm, Fredrik; Lindberg, Thomas
1982 Industrial Subsidies in Sweden: Macro-Economic Effects and an International ComparisonCarlsson, Bo
1983 The Development and Use of Machine Tools in Historical PerspectiveCarlsson, Bo
1983 The Machine Tool Industry – Problems and Prospects in an International PerspectiveCarlsson, Bo
1983 The Microeconomics of Organization and Productivity Change: The Use of Machine Tools in ManufacturingCarlsson, Bo
1983 Energy Prices, Industrial Structure and Choice of Technology; An International Comparison with Special Emphasis on the Cement IndustryCarlsson, Bo
1984 Firm Strategies in the Machine Tool Industry in the United States and Sweden: Responses to Technological Challenges and Global CompetitionCarlsson, Bo
1987 Productivity Analysis: A Micro-to-Macro PerspectiveCarlsson, Bo
1988 The Evolution of Manufacturing Technology and its Impact on Industrial Structure: An International StudyCarlsson, Bo
1989 Comparisons of Competitiveness in U.S. and Swedish ManufacturingCarlsson, Bo
1991 The Role of Technological Progress and Economic Competence in Economic Growth: A Micro-to-Macro AnalysisCarlsson, Bo; Taymaz, Erol
1991 The Nature and Importance of Economic CompetenceCarlsson, Bo; Eliasson, Gunnar
1992 Industrial Dynamics and the Role of Small Plants in Swedish Manufacturing Industry, 1968-1988Carlsson, Bo
1992 The Rise of Small Business: Causes and ConsequencesCarlsson, Bo
1993 Entreprenörskap, småföretag och industriell förnyelse 1968-1991Carlsson, Bo; Braunerhjelm, Pontus
1993 The Long Road: The Limitations and Possibilities of Economic Policy to Preserve Swedish Welfare by Reducing the Welfare State to Manageable ProportionsAndersson, Thomas; Braunerhjelm, Pontus; Carlsson, Bo; Eliasson, Gunnar; Fölster, Stefan; Jagrén, Lars; Kazamaki Ottersten, Eugenia; Sjöholm, Kent Rune
1993 Factory Automation and Economic Performance: A Micro-to-Macro AnalysisCarlsson, Bo; Taymaz, Erol; Tryggestad, Kjell