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2005 Study on the effectiveness of ALMPs: Research project for the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. Final reportKluve, Jochen; Fertig, Michael; Jacobi, Lena; Nima, Leonhard; Schaffner, Sandra; Schmidt, Christoph M.; Card, David; Góra, Marek; Jensen, Peter; Leetmaa, Reelika; Patacchini, Eleonora; van der Klaauw, Bas; Weber, Andrea
2011 Rent-sharing, hold-up, and wages: Evidence from matched panel dataCard, David; Devicienti, Francesco; Maida, Agata
2011 Building in an evaluation component for active labor market programs: A practitioner's guideCard, David; Ibarrarán, Pablo; Villa, Juan Miguel
2011 Can compulsory military service raise civilian wages? Evidence from the peacetime draft in PortugalCard, David; Cardoso, Ana Rute
2012 Workplace heterogeneity and the rise of West Germany wage inequalityCard, David; Heining, Jörg; Kline, Patrick
2013 Workplace Heterogeneity and the Rise of West German Wage InequalityHeining, Jörg; Card, David; Kline, Patrick
2013 Bargaining and the Gender Wage Gap: A Direct AssessmentCard, David; Cardoso, Ana Rute; Kline, Patrick
2013 Labor studiesCard, David
2015 Inference on causal effects in a generalized Regression Kink DesignCard, David; Lee, David S.; Pei, Zhuan; Weber, Andrea
2015 Inference on Causal Effects in a Generalized Regression Kink DesignCard, David; Lee, David S.; Pei, Zhuan; Weber, Andrea
2015 What Works? A Meta Analysis of Recent Active Labor Market Program EvaluationsCard, David; Kluve, Jochen; Weber, Andrea
2015 What works? A meta analysis of recent active labor market program evaluationsCard, David; Kluve, Jochen; Weber, Andrea
2016 Firms and Labor Market Inequality: Evidence and Some TheoryCard, David; Cardoso, Ana Rute; Heining, Jörg; Kline, Patrick
2016 Management practices, workforce selection, and productivityBender, Stefan; Bloom, Nicholas; Card, David; Van Reenen, John; Wolter, Stefanie
2018 Assortative Matching or Exclusionary Hiring? The Impact of Firm Policies on Racial Wage Differences in BrazilGerard, Francois; Lagos, Lorenzo; Severnini, Edson R.; Card, David
2018 Unions and Wage Inequality: The Roles of Gender, Skill and Public Sector EmploymentCard, David; Lemieux, Thomas; Riddell, W. Craig