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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997Consumer Choice and Data Envelopment Analysis: The Case of Discrimination on Housing MarketsEbersberger, Bernd; Cantner, Uwe; Hanusch, Horst
1998Explaining international productivity differencesKrüger, Jens; Cantner, Uwe; Hanusch, Horst
1998Industrie-EvolutionCantner, Uwe; Hanusch, Horst
1999Twin-peaks: What the knowledge-based approach can say about the dynamics of the world income distributionPyka, Andreas; Krüger, Jens J.; Cantner, Uwe
1999Heterogeneity and evolutionary change: Empirical conception, findings and unresolved issuesCantner, Uwe; Hanusch, Horst
1999Classifying technology policy from an evolutionary perspectiveCantner, Uwe; Pyka, Andreas
2000Analyzing inefficiency using a frontier search approachEbersberger, Bernd; Cantner, Uwe; Hanusch, Horst
2007Competition in product design: an experiment exploring innovation behaviorCantner, Uwe; Güth, Werner; Nicklisch, Andreas; Weiland, Torsten
2007Prior knowledge and entrepreneurial innovative successCantner, Uwe; Goethner, Maximilian; Meder, Andreas
2007Growth, development and structural change of innovator networks: the case of JenaCantner, Uwe; Graf, Holger
2007Functional chains of knowledge management: effects on firms' innovative performanceCantner, Uwe; Joel, Kristin
2007Firms' differential innovative success and market dynamicsCantner, Uwe
2008Intermediation, reciprocity and compatibility in regional innovation systems: an interregional comparisonCantner, Uwe; Meder, Andreas; Wolf, Tina
2008Interaction structures in local innovation systemsCantner, Uwe; Graf, Holger
2008Local Innovation Systems and BenchmarkingCantner, Uwe
2008The use of knowledge management by innovators: empirical evidence for GermanyCantner, Uwe; Joel, Kristin; Schmidt, Tobias
2008Regional and technological effects of cooperation behaviorCantner, Uwe; Meder, Andreas
2008Innovators and the diversity of innovation systemsCantner, Uwe; Meder, Andreas
2008Innovator networks and regional knowledge baseCantner, Uwe; Meder, Andreas; ter Wal, Anne
2009R&D subsidies to start-ups: Effective drivers of patent activity and employment growth?Cantner, Uwe; Kösters, Sarah