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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Optimal Information Transmission in Organizations: Search and CongestionCabrales, Antonio; Arenas, Àlex; Díaz-Guilera, Albert; Guimerà, Roger; Vega-Redondo, Fernando
2006 Competition, hidden information and efficiency: an experimentCabrales, Antonio; Charness, Gary; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2007 Implementation in adaptive better-response dynamicsCabrales, Antonio; Serrano, Roberto
2008 Markets for information: of inefficient firewalls and efficient monopoliesCabrales, Antonio; Gottardi, Piero
2010 The causes and economic consequences of envyCabrales, Antonio
2010 Entropy and the value of information for investorsCabrales, Antonio; Gossner, Olivier; Serrano, Roberto
2012 Stochastically stable implementationCabrales, Antonio; Serrano, Roberto
2012 The appeal of information transactionsCabrales, Antonio; Gossner, Olivier; Serrano, Roberto
2014 Risk-Sharing and Contagion in NetworksCabrales, Antonio; Gottardi, Piero; Vega-Redondo, Fernando
2014 Dual Labour Markets and (Lack of) On-the-Job Training: PIAAC Evidence from Spain and Other EU CountriesCabrales, Antonio; Dolado, Juan J.; Mora, Ricardo
2015 Publicizing the results of standardized external tests: Does it have an effect on school outcomes?Anghel, Brindusa; Cabrales, Antonio; Sainz, Jorge; Sanz, Ismael
2016 What You Don't Know... Can't Hurt You? A Field Experiment on Relative Performance Feedback in Higher EducationAzmat, Ghazala; Bagues, Manuel F.; Cabrales, Antonio; Iriberri, Nagore
2016 What you don't know... can't hurt you? A field experiment on relative performance feedback in higher educationAzmat, Ghazala; Bagues, Manuel F.; Cabrales, Antonio; Iriberri, Nagore
2016 Motivation, Resources and the Organization of the School SystemAlbornoz, Facundo; Berlinski, Samuel G.; Cabrales, Antonio
2017 Transparency is Overrated: Communicating in a Coordination Game with Private InformationCabrales, Antonio; Drouvelis, Michalis; Gurguy, Zeynep; Ray, Indrajit
2017 Dual employment protection and (lack of) on-the-job training: PIAAC evidence for Spain and other European countriesCabrales, Antonio; Dolado, Juan J.; Mora, Ricardo
2018 Does Pre-Play Social Interaction Improve Negotiation Outcomes?Brañas-Garza, Pablo; Cabrales, Antonio; Mateu, Guillermo; Sanchez, Angel; Sutan, Angela
2018 Can there be a Market for Cheap-Talk Information? An Experimental InvestigationCabrales, Antonio; Feri, Francesco; Gottardi, Piero; Meléndez-Jiménez, Miguel A.
2018 Do we need to listen to all stakeholders? Communicating in a coordination game with private informationCabrales, Antonio; Drouvelis, Michalis; Gurguc, Zeynep; Ray, Indrajit
2019 Mothers' Care: Reversing Early Childhood Health Shocks through Parental InvestmentsBellés-Obrero, Cristina; Cabrales, Antonio; Jimenez-Martin, Sergi; Vall-Castello, Judit