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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Rechtliche Aspekte der Einführung eines Emissionshandels-Systems für Treibhausgase in Deutschland und der EUButzengeiger, Sonja
2001 Making GHG emissions trading work – Crucial issues in designing national and international emmissions trading systemsButzengeiger, Sonja; Betz, Regina; Bode, Sven
2003 Europe - a Pioneer in greenhouse gas emissions trading: History of rule development and major design elementsButzengeiger, Sonja; Michaelowa, Axel; Bode, Sven
2003 The EU Proposal for Emissions Trading: A Reasonable Approach? Pro: Emissions Trading for Efficiency, Environmental Protection and Equity: The Cornerstone of EU Climate Policy Contra: Many Open QuestionsMichaelowa, Axel; Butzengeiger, Sonja; Roeder, Günter
2004 Greenhouse gas emissions trading in the European Union: Background and implementation of a 'new' climate policy instrumentButzengeiger, Sonja; Michaelowa, Axel
2004 Gesetz zügig verabschieden: EmissionshandelButzengeiger, Sonja
2004 Einstieg in kostenpflichtige Vergabe: EmissionshandelButzengeiger, Sonja
2004 Tauziehen um die Allokation: CO2-EmissionshandelButzengeiger, Sonja
2005 Politik ohne große Fortschritte: UN-KlimagipfelButzengeiger, Sonja
2005 Pakt gegen den Kyoto-Ansatz? Internationale KlimapolitikButzengeiger, Sonja
2005 Voluntary compensation of GHG emissions: Selection criteria and implications for the international climate policy systemButzengeiger, Sonja