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2008 The effect of high school employment on educational attainment: a conditional difference-in-differences approachBuscha, Franz; Maurel, Arnaud; Page, Lionel; Speckesser, Stefan
2010 The impact of truancy on educational attainment: A bivariate ordered probit estimator with mixed effectsBuscha, Franz; Conte, Anna
2010 A bivariate ordered probit estimator with mixed effectsBuscha, Franz; Conte, Anna
2012 Social connectedness and generalized trust: A longitudinal perspectiveSturgis, Patrick; Patulny, Roger; Allum, Nick; Buscha, Franz
2013 Endogenous variables in non-linear models with mixed effects: Inconsistence under perfect identification conditions?Buscha, Franz; Conte, Anna
2015 The Wage Returns to Education over the Life-Cycle: Heterogeneity and the Role of ExperienceBuscha, Franz; Dickson, Matt
2016 Life-Time Effects of the German Food Crisis: Earnings, Employment, and RetirementAnger, Silke; Buscha, Franz; Dickson, Matt; Janssen, Simon
2017 Can a common currency foster a shared social identity across different nations? The case of the euroBuscha, Franz; Muller, Daniel; Page, Lionel
2020 Spatial and Social Mobility in England and Wales: Moving Out to Move On?Buscha, Franz; Gorman, Emma; Sturgis, Patrick
2021 Selective Schooling Has Not Promoted Social Mobility in EnglandBuscha, Franz; Gorman, Emma; Sturgis, Patrick
2021 How much does degree choice matter?Britton, Jack; Laura van der Erve; Belfield, Chris; Vignoles, Anna; Dickson, Matt; Zhu, Yu; Walker, Ian; Dearden, Lorraine; Sibieta, Luke; Buscha, Franz
2023 Ethnic differences in intergenerational housing mobility in England and WalesBuscha, Franz; Gorman, Emma; Sturgis, Patrick; Zhang, Min