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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 A finite mixture Fay Herriot-type model for estimating regional rental prices in GermanyArticus, Charlotte; Burgard, Jan Pablo
2015 SAE TEACHING USING SIMULATIONSBurgard, Jan Pablo; Münnich, Ralf
2016 State-dependent transmission of monetary policy in the euro areaBurgard, Jan Pablo; Neuenkirch, Matthias; Nöckel, Matthias
2016 SMALL AREA ESTIMATION IN THE GERMAN CENSUS 2011Münnich, Ralf; Burgard, Jan Pablo; Gabler, Siegfried; Ganninger, Matthias; Kolb, Jan-Philipp
2018 Survey-weighted generalized linear mixed modelsBurgard, Jan Pablo; Dörr, Patricia
2018 State-Dependent Transmission of Monetary Policy in the Euro AreaBurgard, Jan Pablo; Neuenkirch, Matthias; Nöckel, Matthias
2019 Penalized small area models for the combination of unit- and area-level dataBurgard, Jan Pablo; Krause, Joscha; Münnich, Ralf T.
2019 Regularized area-level modelling for robust small area estimation in the presence of unknown covariate measurement errorsBurgard, Jan Pablo; Krause, Joscha; Kreber, Dennis
2019 A generalized calibration approach ensuring coherent estimates with small area constraintsBurgard, Jan Pablo; Münnich, Ralf T.; Rupp, Martin
2019 Estimation of regional transition probabilities for spatial dynamic microsimulations from survey data lacking in regional detailBurgard, Jan Pablo; Krause, Joscha; Schmaus, Simon
2019 Sensitivity analysis for dynamic microsimulation modelsBurgard, Jan Pablo; Schmaus, Simon
2019 Area-level small area estimation with missing valuesBurgard, Jan Pablo; Morales, Domingo; Wölwer, Anna-Lena
2019 Data-driven transformations and survey-weighting for linear mixed modelsDörr, Patricia; Burgard, Jan Pablo
2020 A generic business process model for conducting microsimulation studiesBurgard, Jan Pablo; Dieckmann, Hanna; Krause, Joscha; Merkle, Hariolf; Münnich, Ralf; Neufang, Kristina M.; Schmaus, Simon
2020 Monte-Carlo simulation studies in survey statistics: An appraisalBurgard, Jan Pablo; Dörr, Patricia; Münnich, Ralf T.
2020 Temporary Settlement of Payments: Monetäres Substitut zur Aufrechterhaltung von GeldströmenBurgard, Jan Pablo; Kranz, Tobias
2020 A study of discontinuity effects in regression inference based on web-augmented mixed mode surveysBurgard, Jan Pablo; Krause, Joscha; Münnich, Ralf T.
2020 Planning domain sizes in cluster samplingZins, Stefan; Burgard, Jan Pablo
2021 The Financial Accelerator in the Euro Area: New Evidence Using a Mixture VAR ModelBennani, Hamza; Burgard, Jan Pablo; Neuenkirch, Matthias
2021 The financial accelerator in the euro area: New evidence using a mixture VAR modelBennani, Hamza; Burgard, Jan Pablo; Neuenkirch, Matthias