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2013 Women's political role and poverty in the educational dimension: a district-level anlysis in IndiaBurchi, Francesco
2014 Advancing female education by improving democratic institutions and women’s political representationBurchi, Francesco; Camacho, Luis A.
2016 Addressing food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa: the role of cash transfersBurchi, Francesco; Scarlato, Margherita; D'Agostino, Giorgio
2016 The impact of cash transfers on food security in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence, design and implementationBurchi, Francesco; Strupat, Christoph
2017 The Joint Effects of a Health Insurance and a Public Works Scheme in Rural EthiopiaShigute, Zemzem; Strupat, Christoph; Burchi, Francesco; Alemu, Getnet; Bedi, Arjun S.
2017 Die Wirkung von cash transfers auf die Ernährungssicherung in Subsahara-Afrika: Fakten, Gestaltung und UmsetzungBurchi, Francesco; Strupat, Christoph
2017 Economic empowerment pilot project in Malawi: qualitative survey reportBeierl, Stefan; Burchi, Francesco; Strupat, Christoph
2018 From income poverty to multidimensional poverty: An international comparisonBurchi, Francesco; Rippin, Nicole; Montenegro, Claudio
2018 How to identify national dimensions of poverty? The constitutional approachBurchi, Francesco; De Muro, Pasquale; Kollar, Eszter
2018 Unbundling the impacts of economic empowerment programmes: evidence from MalawiBurchi, Francesco; Strupat, Christoph
2019 Comparing global trends in multidimensional and income poverty and assessing horizontal inequalitiesBurchi, Francesco; Malerba, Daniele; Rippin, Nicole; Montenegro, Claudio E.