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1985 International Monetary Policy to Promote Economic RecoveryBuiter, Willem H.
1990 Reflections on the Fiscal Implications of a Common CurrencyBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1990 Debt, Deficits and Inflation: An Application to the Public Finances of IndiaBuiter, Willem H.; Patel, Urjit R.
1990 The Welfare Economics of Cooperative and Noncooperative Fiscal PolicyBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1990 Fiscal Policy Interdependence and EfficiencyBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1991 Persistent Differences in National Productivity Growth Rates with a Common Technology and Free CapitalMobility. The Roles of Private Thrift, Public Debt, Capital Taxation and Policy toward Human FormationBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1991 Saving and Endogenous Growth: A Survey of Theory and PolicyBuiter, Willem H.
1992 Excessive Deficits: Sense and Nonsense in the Treaty of MaastrichtBuiter, Willem H.; Corsetti, Giancarlo; Roubini, Nouriel
1992 Government Solvency, Ponzi Finance and the Redundancy and Usefulness of Public DebtBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1992 Should We Worry about the Fiscal Numerology of Maastricht?Buiter, Willem H.
1993 Public Debt in the USA: How Much, How Bad and Who Pays?Buiter, Willem H.
2001 Central Banking and the Choice of Currency Regime in Accession CountriesBuiter, Willem H.; Grafe, Clemens
2006 The elusive welfare economics of price stability as a monetary policy objective: why New Keynesian central bankers should validate core inflationBuiter, Willem H.
2007 SeigniorageBuiter, Willem H.
2007 SeigniorageBuiter, Willem H.
2008 Open letter to European leaders on Europe's banking crisis: A call to actionAlesina, Alberto; Baldwin, Richard; Boeri, Tito; Buiter, Willem H.; Giavazzi, Francesco; Gros, Daniel; Micossi, Stefano; Tabellini, Guido; Wyplosz, Charles; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2009 Housing wealth isn't wealthBuiter, Willem H.
2010 The Quest for Stability: The Macro ViewBuiter, Willem H.; Gerlach, Stefan; Kool, Clemens J.M.; Viñals, José
2010 Housing wealth isn't wealthBuiter, Willem H.
2011 Government budget deficits in large open economiesBuiter, Willem H.; Sibert, Anne C.