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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Re-employment Dynamics of Disabled WorkersBuddelmeyer, Hielke
2003 Children and Women's Participation Dynamics: Transitory and Long-Term EffectsVoicu, Alexandru; Buddelmeyer, Hielke
2003 An Evaluation of the Performance of Regression Discontinuity Design on PROGRESABuddelmeyer, Hielke; Skoufias, Emmanuel
2004 The Determinants of Part-Time Work in EU Countries : Empirical Investigations with Macro-Panel DataBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Mourre, Gilles; Ward, Melanie E.
2004 Recent Developments in Part-Time Work in EU-15 Countries : Trends and PolicyBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Mourre, Gilles; Ward, Melanie E.
2005 Part-Time Work in EU Countries: Labour Market Mobility, Entry and ExitBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Mourre, Gilles; Ward, Melanie E.
2005 Part-time work in EU countries: labour market mobility, entry and exitBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Mourre, Gilles; Ward-Warmedinger, Melanie
2005 The effects of smoking ban regulations on individual smoking ratesBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Wilkins, Roger
2006 Innovation and the determinants of firm survivalBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Jensen, Paul H.; Webster, Elizabeth
2007 Understanding the drivers of poverty dynamics in Australian householdsBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Verick, Sher
2008 Why do Europeans work part-time? A cross-country panel analysis.Buddelmeyer, Hielke; Mourre, Gilles; Ward-Warmedinger, Melanie
2008 Fixed effects bias in panel data estimatorsBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Jensen, Paul H.; Oguzoglu, Umut; Webster, Elizabeth
2009 Interrelated dynamics of health and poverty in AustraliaBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Cai, Lixin
2013 Non-Standard 'Contingent' Employment and Job Satisfaction: A Panel Data AnalysisBuddelmeyer, Hielke; McVicar, Duncan; Wooden, Mark
2015 The Stress Cost of ChildrenBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Hamermesh, Daniel S.; Wooden, Mark