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2010 Biokraftstoffe und Emissionen aus LandnutzungsänderungenLange, Mareike; Bruhn, Dominique
2014 Global value chains and deep preferential trade agreements: promoting trade at the cost of domestic policy autonomy?Bruhn, Dominique
2015 Between minilateralism and multilateralism: opportunities and risks of pioneer alliances in international trade and climate politicsClara Brandi; Berger, Axel; Bruhn, Dominique
2015 The global regulatory framework for decarbonisation: 3x3 starting points for the reform of global economic governanceBrandi, Clara; Bruhn, Dominique; Lindenberg, Nannette
2015 Zwischen Minilateralismus und Multilateralismus: Chancen und Risiken von Vorreiterallianzen in der internationalen Handels- und KlimapolitikBrandi, Clara; Berger, Axel; Bruhn, Dominique
2015 Der globale Regelrahmen für Dekarbonisierung: 3x3 Ansatzpunkte für die Reform der Global Economic GovernanceBrandi, Clara; Bruhn, Dominique; Lindenberg, Nannette
2015 Coverage and enforceability of investment rules in PTAs: the role of global value chain trade and regulatory differencesBruhn, Dominique
2016 Deep preferential trade agreements and upgrading in global value chains: the case of VietnamBerger, Axel; Bruhn, Dominique; Bender, Andrea; Friesen, Julia; Kick, Katharina; Kullmann, Felix; Roßner, Robert; Weyrauch, Svenja
2017 Towards “greening” trade? Tracking environmental provisions in the preferential trade agreements of emerging marketsBerger, Axel; Brandi, Clara; Bruhn, Dominique; Chi, Manjiao
2017 Environmental provisions in trade agreements: promises at the trade and environment interfaceBerger, Axel; Brandi, Clara; Bruhn, Dominique