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1997 Estimation of Price Elasticities from Norwegian Household Survey DataBrubakk, Leif
1998 Consumer Demand and Unobservable Product AttributesBrubakk, Leif; Dagsvik, John K.
1998 Price Indexes for Elementary Aggregates Derived from Behavioral AssumptionsDagsvik, John K.; Brubakk, Leif
2006 Forecasting Inflation with an Uncertain Output GapBjørnland, Hilde C.; Brubakk, Leif; Jore, Anne Sofie
2006 Finding NEMO: Documentation of the Norwegian Economy ModelBrubakk, Leif; Husebø, Tore Anders; Maih, Junior; Olsen, Kjetil; Østnor, Magne
2006 Forecasting inflation with an uncertain output gapBjørnland, Hilde C.; Brubakk, Leif; Jore, Anne Sofie
2010 Monetary Policy Analysis in Practice - a Conditional Forecasting ApproachBache, Ida Wolden; Brubakk, Leif; Jore, Anne Sofie; Maih, Junior; Nicolaisen, Jon
2010 Credit, Asset Prices and Monetary PolicyBrubakk, Leif; Natvik, Gisle James
2010 Simple Rules Versus Optimal Policy: What Fits?Bache, Ida Wolden; Brubakk, Leif; Maih, Junior
2014 Financial Factors and the Macroeconomy - a Policy ModelBrubakk, Leif; Gelain, Paolo
2017 Forward Guidance Through Interest Rate Projections: Does It Work?Brubakk, Leif; Xu, Hong; ter Ellen, Saskia
2018 The Phillips Curve and Beyond - Why Has Wage Growth Been so Low?Brubakk, Leif; Hagelund, Kåre; Husabø, Eilert
2018 Estimates of the Neutral Rate of Interest in NorwayBrubakk, Leif; Ellingsen, Jon; Robstad, Ørjan