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2002Changes in the Recruitment and Education of the Power Elites in Twentieth Century Western DemocraciesBrezis, Elise S.; Crouzet, François
2002Fertility, Non-Altruism and Economic Growth: Industrialization in the Nineteenth CenturyBrezis, Elise S.
2004The role of higher education institutions : recruitment of elites and economic growthBrezis, Elise S.; Crouzet, François
2010Globalization and the emergence of a transnational oligarchyBrezis, Elise S.
2011Population dynamics and economic growth: Should we adopt different frameworks for poor and rich countries?Brezis, Elise S.
2011Ranking and quality of universities: What makes US universities to be at the top?Brezis, Elise S.
2012Globalization and migration: A "unified brain drain" modelBrezis, Elise S.; Soueri, Ariel
2012Endogenous fertility and intergenerational transfers: The significance of the sibship size effectBrezis, Elise S.; Dos Santos Ferreira, Rodolphe
2012Non-linear geographics and the economics of transition and democratizationBrezis, Elise S.; Verdier, Thierry
2012Promiscuous elites and economic developmentBrezis, Elise S.
2013Mobility of students and quality of higher education: An empirical analysis of the "Unified Brain Drain" modelBrezis, Elise S.; Soueri, Ariel
2013Social mobility at the top: Why are elites self-reproducing?Brezis, Elise S.; Hellier, Joël
2013Population and economic growth: Ancient and modernsBrezis, Elise S.; Young, Warren
2014Geography, Economics and Political Systems: A Bird’s Eye ViewBrezis, Elise S.; Thierry, Verdier
2014Paid basic income, fertility rates and economic growthBrezis, Elise S.
2014The revolving door indicator: Estimating the distortionary power of the revolving doorBrezis, Elise S.; Cariolle, Joel
2014Geography, economics and political systems: A bird's eye viewBrezis, Elise S.; Verdier, Thierry
2015Endogenous fertility with a sibship size effectBrezis, Elise S.; Dos Santos Ferreira, Rodolphe
2016Why migrate: For study or for work?Brezis, Elise S.
2016Financial sector regulation and the revolving door in US commercial banksBrezis, Elise S.; Cariolle, Joël