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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997The sustainability paradigm: A macroeconomic perspectiveBretschger, Lucas
1997The sustainability paradigm: A macroeconomic perspectiveBretschger, Lucas
1998Dynamik der realwirtschaftlichen Integration am Beispiel der EU-OsterweiterungBretschger, Lucas
1998Nachhaltige Entwicklung der Weltwirtschaft: Ein Nord-Süd-AnsatzBretschger, Lucas
1999On the predictability of knowledge formation: The tortuous link between regional specialisation and developmentBretschger, Lucas
2000Konvergenz der europäischen RegionenBretschger, Lucas
2000Globalisation, capital mobility and tax competition: Theory and evidence for OECD countriesBretschger, Lucas; Hettich, Frank
2000Internationaler Handel im Ostseeraum: Sozioökonomische HintergründeBretschger, Lucas
2000Explaining environmental Kuznets curves: How pollution induces policy and new technologiesBretschger, Lucas; Smulders, Sjak
2001Wachstumstheoretische Perspektiven der Wirtschaftsintegration: Neuere AnsätzeBretschger, Lucas
2001Taking two steps to climb onto the stage: Capital taxes as link between trade and growthBretschger, Lucas
2003Sustainability and Substitution of Exhaustible Natural Resources. How resource prices affect long-term R&D investmentsBretschger, Lucas; Smulders, Sjak
2003Growth in a Globalised Economy: The Effects of Capital Taxes and Tax CompetitionBretschger, Lucas
2004The dynamics of economic integration: Theory and policyBretschger, Lucas; Steger, Thomas M.
2004Economics of technological change and the natural environment: How effective are innovations as a remedy for resource scarcity?Bretschger, Lucas
2005Natural resource scarcity and long-run development: central mechanisms when conditions are seemingly unfavourableBretschger, Lucas
2005Globalization, the volatility of intermediate goods prices and economic growthSteger, Thomas M.; Bretschger, Lucas
2005Innovative investments, natural resources, and intergenerational fairness: Are pension funds good for sustainable development?Bretschger, Lucas; Pittel, Karen
2005Economic growth and the diffusion of clean technologies: Explaining Environmental Kuznets CurvesSmulders, Sjak; Bretschger, Lucas; Egli, Hannes
2006Sustainability and substitution of exhaustible natural resources. How resource prices affect long-term R&D-investmentsBretschger, Lucas; Smulders, Sjak