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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 On the behavior of proposers in ultimatum gamesBrenner, Thomas; Vriend, Nicolaas J.
2004 The autocatalytic character of the growth of production knowledge: What role does human labor play?Brenner, Thomas; Cordes, Christian
2004 Empirical Calibration of Simulation ModelsWerker, Claudia; Brenner, Thomas
2005 The regional industry-size distribution: an analysis of all types of industries in GermanyBrenner, Thomas
2005 A stochastic theory of geographic concentration and the empirical evidence in GermanyBrenner, Thomas
2005 Local factors and innovativeness: an empirical analysis of German patents for five industriesBroekel, Tom; Brenner, Thomas
2006 Long-term implications of local industrial clustersBrenner, Thomas; Gildner, Andreas
2006 A practical guide to inference in simulation modelsBrenner, Thomas; Werker, Claudia
2007 Factors and mechanisms causing the emergence of local industrial clusters: a meta-study of 159 casesBrenner, Thomas; Mühlig, André
2007 Output dynamics, flow equilibria and structural change: a prolegomenon to evolutionary macroeconomicsWitt, Ulrich; Brenner, Thomas
2007 Measuring regional innovativeness: a methodological discussion and an application to one German industryBroekel, Tom; Brenner, Thomas
2007 Knowledge and its economic characteristics: a conceptual clarificationWitt, Ulrich; Brökel, Tom; Brenner, Thomas
2008 Academic Inventors' Choice of Transfer Channels Dependent on Commercialisation Experience - a Theoretical ModelBrenner, Thomas; von Ledebur, Sidonia
2009 Methodological Issues in Measuring Innovation Performance of Spatial UnitsBrenner, Thomas; Broekel, Tom
2010 Proximity is a Social Process - A Conceptual Framework.Dettmann, Anja; Brenner, Thomas
2010 University Education, Public Research and Employment Growth in Regions - An Empirical Study of GermanyBrenner, Thomas; Schlump, Charlotte
2011 The minority game unpacked: Coordination and competition in a team-based experimentDevetag, Giovanna; Pancotto, Francesca; Brenner, Thomas
2011 The Minority Game Unpacked: Coordination and Competition in a Team-based ExperimentDevetag, Giovanna; Pancotto, Francesca; Brenner, Thomas
2011 Long-run factors of firm growth - a study of German firmsSchimke, Antje; Brenner, Thomas
2011 Temporal structure of firm growth and the impact of R&DSchimke, Antje; Brenner, Thomas