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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Managing future oil revenues in Ghana: An assessment of alternative allocation optionsBreisinger, Clemens; Diao, Xinshen; Schweickert, Rainer; Wiebelt, Manfred
2010 Impact of the global commodity and financial crises on poverty in VietnamThurlow, James; Tarp, Finn; McCoy, Simon; Manh Hai, Nguyen; Breisinger, Clemens
2010 Oil revenues for public investment in Africa: Targeting urban or rural areas?Böhme, Marcus; Breisinger, Clemens; Schweickert, Rainer; Wiebelt, Manfred
2011 Climate change, agricultural production and food security: Evidence from YemenBreisinger, Clemens; Ecker, Olivier; Al-Riffai, Perrihan; Robertson, Richard; Thiele, Rainer; Wiebelt, Manfred
2012 The impact of the 2008 Hadramout flash flood in Yemen on economic performance and nutrition: A simulation analysisBreisinger, Clemens; Ecker, Olivier; Thiele, Rainer; Wiebelt, Manfred
2012 Can oil-led growth and structural change go hand in hand in Ghana? A multi-sector intertemporal general equilibrium assessmentBreisinger, Clemens; Diao, Xinshen; Wiebelt, Manfred
2014 Who bears the costs of climate change? Evidence from TunisiaWiebelt, Manfred; Al-Riffai, Perrihan; Breisinger, Clemens; Robertson, Richard
2015 Regional development, income distribution and gender in Bolivia: Insights from a 2012 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) and multiple analysisJemio, Luis Carlos; Andersen, Lykke Eg; Breisinger, Clemens; Wiebelt, Manfred
2015 An agriculture-focused, regionally disaggregated SAM for Mexico 2008Jemio, Luis Carlos; Andersen, Lykke Eg; Breisinger, Clemens; Wiebelt, Manfred
2018 A tale of two MENAsAbdelaziz, Fatma; Breisinger, Clemens