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2006Inequality and growth in rural China: does higher inequality impede growth?Benjamin, Dwayne; Brandt, Loren; Giles, John
2007Exports and productivity: Comparable evidence for 14 countriesWagner, Joachim; Pertl, Leonhard; Schiavo, Stefano; Muuls, Mirabelle; Pisu, Mauro; Álvarez, Roberto; Jaramillo, Patricio; López, Ricardo A.; Van Biesebroeck, Johannes; Brandt, Loren; Zhang, Yifan; Fernandes, Ana M.; Isgut, Alberto; Jørgensen, Rasmus; Kaiser, Ulrich; Bellone, Flora; Jabbour, Liza; Musso, Patrick; Nesta, Lionel; Fryges, Helmut; Castellani, Davide; Serti, Francesco; Tomasi, Chiara; Zanfei, Antonello; Haller, Stefanie; Ruane, Frances; Damijan, Joze P.; Kostevc, Crt; Polanec, Saso; Fariñas, Jose C.; Máñez, Juan A.; Martin, Ana; Rochina, Maria E.; Sanchis, Juan A.; Andersson, Martin; Johansson, Sara; Greenaway, David; Kneller, Richard; Görg, Holger; The International Study Group on Exports and Productivity
2009Substitution effects in parental investmentsBrandt, Loren; Siow, Aloysius; Wang, Hui
2009Large demographic shocks and small changes in the marriage marketBrandt, Loren; Siow, Aloysius; Vogel, Carl
2010Accounting for China's growthBrandt, Loren; Zhu, Xiaodong
2015Transport Infrastructure, Urban Growth and Market Access in ChinaBaum-Snow, Nathaniel; Henderson, J. Vernon; Turner, Matthew; Brandt, Loren; Zhang, Qinghua
2016Growth with Equity: Income Inequality in Vietnam, 2002–14Benjamin, Dwayne; Brandt, Loren; McCaig, Brian
2016Industrialization in ChinaBrandt, Loren; Ma, Debin; Rawski, Thomas
2018Market constraints, misallocation, and productivity in Viet Nam agricultureBrandt, Loren; Ayerst, Stephen; Restuccia, Diego
2020China's Great Boom as a Historical ProcessBrandt, Loren; Rawski, Thomas G.
2023Where has all the dynamism gone? Productivity growth in China's manufacturing sector, 1998-2013Brandt, Loren; Van Biesebroeck, Johannes; Wang, Luhang; Zhang, Yifan
2024The anatomy of Chinese innovation: Insights on patent quality and ownershipBoeing, Philipp; Brandt, Loren; Dai, Ruochen; Lim, Kevin; Peters, Bettina
2024The Anatomy of Chinese Innovation: Insights on Patent Quality and OwnershipBoeing, Philipp; Brandt, Loren; Dai, Ruochen; Lim, Kevin; Peters, Bettina