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1995Growth, Inequality and Social InstitutionsBrandolini, Andrea; Rossi, Nicola
2001Producing Time Series Data for Income Distribution: Sources, Methods and TechniquesAtkinson, Tony; Brandolini, Andrea; Smeeding, Timothy
2001Household Structure and Income InequalityBrandolini, Andrea; D'Alessio, Giovanni
2002Urban Poverty in Developed CountriesBrandolini, Andrea; Cipollone, Piero
2004Household wealth distribution in Italy in the 1990sBrandolini, Andrea; Cannari, Luigi; d'Alessio, Giovanni; Faiella, Ivan
2005The Age of Discontent: Italian Households at the Beginning of the DecadeBoeri, Tito; Brandolini, Andrea
2006Measurement of income distribution in supranational entities: The case of the European UnionBrandolini, Andrea
2007Inequality patterns in western-type democracies: Cross-country differences and time changesBrandolini, Andrea; Smeeding, Timothy M.
2014Multidimensional poverty and inequalityAaberge, Rolf; Brandolini, Andrea
2015A feasible unemployment-based shock absorber for the Euro areaBrandolini, Andrea; Carta, Francesca; D'Amuri, Francesco
2016Accounting for total work in labour statisticsBrandolini, Andrea; Viviano, Eliana
2017Tony Atkinson and his legacyAaberge, Rolf; Bourguignon, François; Brandolini, Andrea; Ferreira, Francisco H. G.; Gornick, Janet C.; Hills, John; Jäntti, Markus; Jenkins, Stephen P.; Marlier, Eric; Micklewright, John; Nolan, Brian; Piketty, Thomas; Radermacher, Walter J.; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Stern, Nicholas H.; Stiglitz, Joseph; Sutherland, Holly
2017Tony Atkinson and His LegacyBrandolini, Andrea; Jenkins, Stephen P.; Micklewright, John
2018Measuring employment and unemploymentViviano, Eliana; Brandolini, Andrea
2019The distribution of well-being among EuropeansBrandolini, Andrea; Rosolia, Alfonso
2019The Distribution of Well-Being among EuropeansBrandolini, Andrea; Rosolia, Alfonso
2020Tony Atkinson's New Book, Measuring Poverty around the World: Some Further ReflectionsBrandolini, Andrea; Micklewright, John