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2006Strategies of Flexible Integration and Enlargement of the European Union: a Club-theoretical and Constitutional Economics PerspectiveBrandi, Clara; Wohlgemuth, Michael
2010International trade and climate change: border adjustment measures and developing countriesBrandi, Clara
2010Intellectual property rights as a challenge to providing global public goods: the cases of public health, food security and climate stabilityBrandi, Clara; Ladenburger, Christine; Pegels, Anna
2011Finanzkrise und internationaler Handel: Folgen für EntwicklungsländerBerensmann, Kathrin; Brandi, Clara
2011The financial crisis and international trade: the consequences for developing countriesBerensmann, Katrin; Brandi, Clara
2011Agriculture is special: conclusions drawn from the death throes of the Doha round for a development-friendly agricultural trade policyBrüntrup, Michael; Brandi, Clara; Fuchs, Nikolai
2011The end of GATT-WTO history? – Reflections on the future of the post-Doha World Trade OrganizationBrandi, Clara; Helble, Matthias
2011Sonderrolle der Landwirtschaft : Einsichten aus der Agonie der Doha-Runde für eine entwicklungsfreundliche AgrarhandelspolitikBrüntrup, Michael; Brandi, Clara; Fuchs, Nikolai
2012Sustainability standards and certification: towards sustainable palm oil in Indonesia?Brandi, Clara; Cabani, Tobias; Hosang, Christoph; Schirmbeck, Sonja; Westermann, Lotte; Wiese, Hannah
2013Post 2015: why is the water-energy-land nexus important for the future development agenda?Brandi, Clara; Richerzhagen, Carmen; Stepping, Katharina M.K.
2013Post-2015: warum ist der Wasser-Energie-Land-Nexus für die künftige Entwicklungsagenda wichtig?Brandi, Clara; Richerzhagen, Carmen; Stepping, Katharina M.K.
2013Sustainability certification in the Indonesian palm oil sector: benefits and challenges for smallholdersBrandi, Clara; Cabani, Tobias; Hosang, Christoph; Schirmbeck, Sonja; Westermann, Lotte; Wiese, Hannah
2014关于有区别的责任的不同观点 国际谈判中有关共同但有区别的责任概念的最新评述Pauw, Pieter; Bauer, Steffen; Richerzhagen, Carmen; Brandi, Clara; Schmole, Hanna
2014Different perspectives on differentiated responsibilities: a state-of-the-art review of the notion of common but differentiated responsibilities in international negotiationsPauw, Pieter; Brandi, Clara; Richerzhagen, Carmen; Bauer, Steffen; Schmole, Hanna
2014A cartography of the new middle classes in developing and emerging countriesBrandi, Clara; Büge, Max
2014The availability of trade finance: a challenge for global economic governanceBrandi, Clara; Schmitz, Birgit; Hambloch, Caroline
2014Verfügbarkeit von Handelsfinanzierung: Herausforderung für Global Economic GovernanceBrandi, Clara; Schmitz, Birgit; Hambloch, Caroline
2015What should development policy actors do about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)?Berger, Axel; Brandi, Clara
2015Die Transatlantische Handels- und Investitionspartnerschaft (TTIP): was sollte die Entwicklungspolitik tun?Berger, Axel; Brandi, Clara
2015Post 2015: the need for an enabling global economic governance frameworkBerensmann, Kathrin; Berger, Axel; Brandi, Clara