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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Rethinking the Sociological Measurement of PovertyBrady, David
2003 The politics of poverty: Left political institutions, the welfare state and povertyBrady, David
2003 The poverty of liberal economicsBrady, David
2004 Economic Globalization and the Welfare State in Affluent Democracies, 1975-1998Brady, David; Beckfield, Jason; Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin
2004 Reconsidering the divergence between elderly, child and overall povertyBrady, David
2004 The welfare state and relative poverty in rich Western democracies, 1967-1997Brady, David
2005 Structural theory and relative poverty in rich Western democracies, 1969-2000Brady, David
2007 Nearly universal, but somewhat distinct: The feminization of poverty in affluent Western democracies, 1969-2000Brady, David; Kall, Denise
2007 Party to inequality: Right party power and income inequality in affluent Western democraciesBrady, David; Leicht, Kevin T.
2008 Putting poverty in political context: A multi-level analysis of working-aged poverty across 18 affluent democraciesBrady, David; Fullerton, Andrew S.; Cross, Jennifer Moren
2010 Targeting, universalism and single mother poverty: A multi-level analysis across 18 affluent democraciesBrady, David; Burroway, Rebekah
2010 More than just Nickels and Dimes: A cross-national analysis of working poverty in affluent democraciesBrady, David; Fullerton, Andrew S.; Cross, Jennifer Moren
2010 Does European-style welfare generosity discourage single mother employmnet?Destro, Lane; Brady, David
2013 When unionization disappears: State-level unionization and working poverty in the USBrady, David; Baker, Regina S.; Finnigan, Ryan
2014 Paradoxes of social policy: Welfare transfers, relative poverty and redistribution preferencesBrady, David; Bostic, Amie
2014 Does Immigration Undermine Public Support for Social Policy?Brady, David; Finnigan, Ryan
2014 The rise and fall of government spending in affluent democracies, 1971-2008Brady, David; Lee, Hang Young
2015 Brokers and the Earnings of Female Sex Workers in IndiaBrady, David; Biradavolu, Monica R.; Blankenship, Kim M.
2015 Continuity and change in the German labour marketBrady, David; Biegert, Thomas; Vitols, Sigurt
2015 Paradoxes of Social Policy: Welfare Transfers, Relative Poverty, and Redistribution PreferencesBrady, David; Bostic, Amie