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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Factors influencing the adoption of mobile services consumers' preferences using analytic hierarchy processNikou, Shahrokh; Mezei, Jozsef; Bouwman, Harry; Liu, Yong
2012 Mobile service platform competitionNikou, Shahrokh; Bouwman, Harry
2013 Mixed method research: Combining mobile log data and questionnairesBouwman, Harry; de Reuver, Mark; Nikou, Shahrokh
2013 Analyzing the business model for mobile payment from banks' perspective: An empirical studyGuo, Jie; Nikou, Shahrokh; Bouwman, Harry
2014 Preferences in data usage and the relation to the use of mobile applicationsde Reuver, Mark; Bouwman, Harry
2014 How Nokia failed to nail the Smartphone marketBouwman, Harry; Carlsson, Christer; Carlsson, Joanna; Nikou, Shahrokh; Sell, Anna; Walden, Pirkko
2015 Mobile payment: a multi-perspective, multi-method research projectBouwman, Harry; de Reuver, Mark; Cavallini, Andrea; Lourens, Jeremy; Manocha, Swati; Vaessen, Maud; Dahlberg, T.
2015 Mobile data offloading: an agent-based modelling study on the effectiveness of Wi-Fi offloadingBreukers, Yorick; de Reuver, Mark; Oey, Michel; Bouwman, Harry
2017 The impact of Digitalization on Business Models: How IT Artefacts, Social Media, and Big Data Force Firms to Innovate Their Business ModelBouwman, Harry; de Reuver, Mark; Nikou, Shahrokh
2019 Evaluating SMEs Readiness to Transform to IoT-Based Business ModelsVitkauskaitė, Elena; Varaniūtė, Viktorija; Bouwman, Harry