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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 The double dividend issue: Modeling strategies and empirical findingsBosello, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo; Galeotti, Marzio
1998 Advances of climate modelling for policy analysisBosello, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo; Kemfert, Claudia
1999 Carbon emissions trading and equity in international agreementsBosello, Francesco; Roson, Roberto
1999 Recycling energy taxes: Impacts on a disaggregated labour marketBosello, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo
1999 Dynamic uncertainty and global warming riskBosello, Francesco; Moretto, Michele
2001 Can equity enhance efficiency? Lessons from the Kyoto ProtocolCarraro, Carlo; Bosello, Francesco; Buchner, Barbara; Raggi, Davide
2004 Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of Climate Change: Sea Level RiseRoson, Roberto; Bosello, Francesco; Lazzarin, Marco; Tol, Richard S.J.
2005 Assessing Climate Change Impacts: AgricultureBosello, Francesco; Zhang, Jian
2005 Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of Climate Change: Human HealthBosello, Francesco; Roson, Roberto; Tol, Richard S.J.
2006 Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of Climate Change: A Joint Analysis for Sea Level Rise and TourismBosello, Francesco; Bigano, Andrea; Roson, Roberto; Tol, Richard S.J.
2006 Energy Demand and Temperature: A Dynamic Panel AnalysisBigano, Andrea; Bosello, Francesco; Marano, Giuseppe
2006 Klum@Gtap: Introducing Biophysical Aspects of Land-Use Decisions Into a General Equilibrium Model A Coupling ExperimentRonneberger, Kerstin; Berrittella, Maria; Bosello, Francesco; Tol, Richard S.J.
2007 Climate Change, Energy Demand and Market Power in a General Equilibrium Model of the World EconomyRoson, Roberto; Bosello, Francesco; Cian, Enrica De
2007 A Review of Recent Studies on Cost Effectiveness of GHG Mitigation Measures in the European Agro-Forestry SectorGiupponi, Carlo; Bosello, Francesco; Povellato, Andrea
2007 The Kyoto Protocol and the Effect of Existing and Planned Measures in the Agricultural and Forestry Sector in the EU25Giupponi, Carlo; Bosello, Francesco; Buchner, Barbara; Crimi, Jacopo; Povellato, Andrea
2010 Adapting and mitigating to climate change: Balancing the choice under uncertaintyBosello, Francesco; Chen, Chen
2010 Adaptation, mitigation and 'green' R&D to combat global climate change: Insights from an empirical integrated assessment exerciseBosello, Francesco
2010 REDD in the carbon market: a general equilibrium analysisBosello, Francesco; Eboli, Fabio; Parrado, Ramiro; Rosa, Renato
2010 Climate policy and the optimal balance between mitigation, adaptation and unavoided damageBosello, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo; De Cian, Enrica
2010 The economic and environmental effects of an EU ban on illegal logging imports: Insights from a CGE assessmentBosello, Francesco; Parrado, Ramiro; Rosa, Renato