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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 The window of locational opportunity-conceptBoschma, Ron
1998 Evolutionary economics and regional policyLambooy, Jan G.; Boschma, Ron
1998 The industrial rise of the Third Italy: Open windows of locational opportunity?Boschma, Ron
1999 Why do old industrial regions decline? An exploration of potential adjustment strategiesBoschma, Ron; Lambooy, Jan
1999 Culture of "trust" and regional development : an empirical analysis of Third ItalyBoschma, Ron
2000 An Empirical Analysis Of The Industrial Rise Of The Third ItalyBoschma, Ron
2002 How to explain the spatial evolution of new industries? The spatial evolution of the Dutch ICT industryBoschma, Ron; Weterings, Anet
2002 Why is economic geography an evolutionary science?Boschma, Ron; Frenken, Koen
2004 Why is Economic Geography not an Evolutionary Science?Boschma, Ron; Frenken, Koen
2004 Variety, Employment and Regional Development in The NetherlandsFrenken, Koen; Oort, Frank Van; Verburg, Thijs; Boschma, Ron
2004 The effect of regional differences on the performance of software firms in the NetherlandsWeterings, Anet; Boschma, Ron
2010 The spatial clustering of the Dutch banking sector in the Amsterdam region: the importance of spinoffs and mergers in the period 1850-1993Boschma, Ron; Wenting, Rik
2010 Aviation, Space or Aerospace? Exploring the knowledge networks of two industries in den Netherlands.Broekel, Tom; Boschma, Ron
2014 Symmetric and asymmetric effects of proximities. The case of M&A deals in ItalyMarrocu, Emanuela; Boschma, Ron; Paci, Raffaele