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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Are computer skills the new basic skills? : The returns to computer, writing and math skills in BritainBorghans, Lex; ter Weel, Bas
2003 Do We Need Computer Skills to Use a Computer? Evidence from BritainBorghans, Lex; ter Weel, Bas
2003 What Happens When Agent T Gets a Computer? The Labor Market Impact of Cost Efficient Computer AdoptionBorghans, Lex; ter Weel, Bas
2003 Supply and Demand, Allocation and Wage Inequality: An International ComparisonDupuy, Arnaud; Borghans, Lex
2004 The Diffusion of Computers and the Distribution of WagesBorghans, Lex; ter Weel, Bas
2005 The division of labour, worker organisation, and technological changeBorghans, Lex; ter Weel, Bas
2005 People People : Social Capital and the Labor-Market Outcomes of Underrepresented GroupsBorghans, Lex; ter Weel, Bas; Weinberg, Bruce A.
2005 Is there a link between economic outcomes and genetic evolution? Cross-country evidence from the major histocompatibility complexBorghans, José A. M.; Borghans, Lex; ter Weel, Bas
2005 Time discounting and the body mass indexBorghans, Lex; Golsteyn, Bart H. H.
2006 Interpersonal styles and labor market outcomesBorghans, Lex; ter Weel, Bas; Weinberg, Bruce A.
2006 The role of noncognitive skills in explaining cognitive test scoresBorghans, Lex; Meijers, Huub; ter Weel, Bas
2006 Skill transferability, regret and mobilityBorghans, Lex; Golsteyn, Bart H. H.
2007 Wage structure and labor mobility in the Netherlands 1999 - 2003Borghans, Lex; Kriechel, Ben
2008 Understanding the technology of computer technology diffusion: explaining computer adoption patterns and implications for the wage structureBorghans, Lex; ter Weel, Bas
2008 The economics and psychology of personality traitsBorghans, Lex; Duckworth, Angela Lee; Heckman, James Joseph; ter Weel, Bas
2009 Gender differences in risk aversion and ambiguity aversionBorghans, Lex; Golsteyn, Bart H. H.; Heckman, James Joseph; Meijers, Huub
2009 The Americanization of European higher education and researchBorghans, Lex; Cörvers, Frank
2010 What makes a good conference? Analysing the preferences of labor economistsBorghans, Lex; Romans, Margo; Sauermann, Jan
2010 Job mobility in Europe, Japan and the USBorghans, Lex; Golsteyn, Bart H. H.
2010 Social support shopping: Evidence from a regression discontinuity in disability insurance reformBorghans, Lex; Gielen, Anne C.; Luttmer, Erzo F. P.