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1993 Rules, Discretion, and Central Bank Independence: The German Experience 1880 - 1989Eschweiler, Bernard; Bordo, Michael D.
1994 An Overplayed Hand: France and the Bretton Woods International Monetary SystemWhite, Eugene N.; Bordo, Michael D.; Simard, Dominique
1994 Monetary Regimes, Inflation And Monetary Reform: An Essay in Honor of Axel LeijonhufvudBordo, Michael D.; Jonung, Lars
1994 The Specie Standard As A Contingent Rule: Some Evidence for Core and Peripheral Countries, 1880-90.Bordo, Michael D.; Schwartz, Anna J.
1995 The Gold Standard as a 'Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval'Rockoff, Hugh; Bordo, Michael D.
1999 Monetary policy regimes, the gold standard, and the great depressionBordo, Michael D.
2000 A return to the convertibility principle? Monetary and fiscal regimes in historical perspective. The international evidenceBordo, Michael D.; Jonung, Lars
2006 Exchange rate regimes, globalization, financial crises, and monetary policyBordo, Michael D.
2006 Three great American disinflationsBordo, Michael D.; Erceg, Christopher; Levin, Andrew; Michaels, Ryan
2007 Growing up to Financial StabilityBordo, Michael D.
2008 Growing up to Financial StabilityBordo, Michael D.
2009 Foreign currency debt, financial crises and economic growth: A long run viewBordo, Michael D.; Meissner, Christopher M.; Stuckler, David
2011 The Promise and Performance of the Federal Reserve as Lender of Last Resort 1914-1933Bordo, Michael D.; Wheelock, David C.
2014 The Real Exchange Rate in the Long Run: Balassa-Samuelson Effects ReconsideredBordo, Michael D.; Choudhri, Ehsan U.; Fazio, Giorgio; MacDonald, Ronald
2017 Currency competition in SwitzerlandBordo, Michael D.
2018 An historical perspective on financial stability and monetary policy regimes: A case for caution in central banks current obsession with financial stabilityBordo, Michael D.