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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000Tax liability side equivalence in experimental posted-offer marketsBorck, Rainald; Engelmann, Dirk; Müller, Wieland; Normann, Hans-Theo
2002Stricter enforcement may increase tax evasionBorck, Rainald
2003Tax Competition and the Choice of Tax Structure in a Majority Voting ModelBorck, Rainald
2003Föderalismusreform aus ökonomischer Sicht (Editorial)Bach, Stefan; Borck, Rainald
2003On the choice of public pensions when income and life expectancy are correlatedBorck, Rainald
2003Führt fiskalische Äquivalenz zu einer effizienten Allokation? Die Rolle von MehrheitsabstimmungenBorck, Rainald
2003Voting on Redistribution with Tax EvasionBorck, Rainald
2004Agglomeration and tax competitionPflüger, Michael; Borck, Rainald
2004Complexity and Progressivity in Income Tax Design : Deductions for Work-Related ExpensesLöffler, Andreas; Borck, Rainald; Baake, Pio
2004Agglomeration and Tax CompetitionBorck, Rainald; Pflüger, Michael
2004Political economy of commuting subsidiesBorck, Rainald; Wrede, Matthias
2004Political Economy of Commuting SubsidiesBorck, Rainald; Wrede, Matthias
2005Fiscal Competition, Capital-Skill Complementarity, and the Composition of Public SpendingBorck, Rainald
2005Social agglomeration externalitiesBorck, Rainald
2005Fiscal Competition and the Composition of Public Spending: Theory and EvidenceBorck, Rainald; Caliendo, Marco; Steiner, Viktor
2005Voting, Inequality, and RedistributionBorck, Rainald
2006Central versus Local Education Finance: A Political Economy ApproachBorck, Rainald
2006Fiscal competition and the composition of public spending: theory and evidenceBorck, Rainald; Caliendo, Marco; Steiner, Viktor
2007A simple theory of industry location and residence choiceBorck, Rainald; Pflüger, Michael; Wrede, Matthias
2007Commuting subsidies with two transport modesBorck, Rainald; Wrede, Matthias