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2019Romania – Polity Contestation and the Resilience of Mainstream PartiesBorbáth, Endre
2020The Political Consequences of Crisis: Lessons learned from the Great RecessionHutter, Swen; Borbáth, Endre; Hunger, Sophia
2020Are Political Parties Recapturing the Streets of Europe?Borbáth, Endre; Hutter, Swen
2020Different worlds of contention? Protest in Northwestern, Southern and Eastern EuropeBorbáth, Endre; Gessler, Theresa
2020Die politischen Folgen von Krisen: Lehren aus der Großen RezessionHutter, Swen; Borbáth, Endre; Hunger, Sophia
2020How Does the Corona Virus Strengthen Authoritarianism in Hungary?Borbáth, Endre
2021Protesting Parties in Europe: A comparative analysisBorbáth, Endre; Hutter, Swen
2021COVID-19 in Central and Eastern Europe: Focus on Czechia, Hungary, and BulgariaLöblová, Olga; Rone, Julia; Borbáth, Endre
2021Civic and Political Engagement during the Multifaceted COVID-19 CrisisBorbáth, Endre; Hunger, Sophia; Hutter, Swen; Oana, Ioana-Elena
2021Two faces of party system stability: Programmatic change and party replacementBorbáth, Endre
2022Protest and Electoral Breakthrough: Challenger Party-Movement Interactions in GermanyWeisskircher, Manès; Hutter, Swen; Borbáth, Endre
2023How Do Populist Radical Right Parties Differentiate their Appeal? Evidence from the Media Strategy of the Hungarian Jobbik PartyBorbáth, Endre; Gessler, Theresa
2023Cleavage politics, polarisation and participation in Western EuropeBorbáth, Endre; Hutter, Swen; Leininger, Arndt
2023A comment on Manekin & Mitts 2022: Effective for Whom? Ethnic Identity and Nonviolent ResistanceDollbaum, Jan Fabian; Borbáth, Endre; Dollbaum, Jan Matti