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2001 Is financial leverage mean-reverting? Unit root tests and corporate financing modelsGolinelli, Roberto; Bontempi, Maria Elena
2004 Corporate taxation and its reform:the effects on corporate financing decisions in ItalyBontempi, Maria Elena; Giannini, Silvia; Golinelli, Roberto
2009 Pre-trade transparency on the Italian Stock Exchange: a trade size model on panel dataLucarelli, Caterina; Bontempi, Maria Elena; Mazzoli, Camilla; Quaranta, Anna Grazia
2012 A strategy to reduce the count of moment conditions in panel data GMMBontempi, Maria Elena; Mammi, Irene
2014 ICT and Non-ICT investments: short and long run macro dynamicsBacchini, Fabio; Bontempi, Maria Elena; Golinelli, Roberto; Jona Lasinio, Cecilia
2014 pca2: implementing a strategy to reduce the instrument count in panel GMMBontempi, Maria Elena; Mammi, Irene
2015 Dynamic corporate capital structure behavior: empirical assessment in the light of heterogeneity and non stationarityBontempi, Maria Elena; Bottazzi, Laura; Golinelli, Roberto
2016 Market Power and Duration of R&D Investment in a Panel of Italian FirmsBontempi, Maria Elena; Lambertini, Luca; Medeossi, Erica
2016 A New Index of Uncertainty Based on Internet Searches: A Friend or Foe of Other Indicators?Bontempi, Maria Elena; Golinelli, Roberto; Squadrani, Matteo
2019 Uncertainty, perception and the InternetBontempi, Maria Elena; Frigeri, Michele; Golinelli, Roberto; Squadrani, Matteo