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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Product and quality innovations: An optimal control approachBondarev, Anton
2017 Technology lock-in with horizontal and vertical innovations through limited R&D spendingBondarev, Anton; Greiner, Alfred
2017 Catching-up and falling behind: Effects of learning in an R&D differential game with spilloversBondarev, Anton; Greiner, Alfred
2017 Environmental pollution in a growing economy with endogenous structural changeBondarev, Anton; Greiner, Alfred
2017 Temporary and permanent technology lock-ins in the quality-differentiated Bertrand competitionBondarev, Anton; Krysiak, Frank C.
2017 Endogenous growth and structural change through vertical and horizontal innovationsBondarev, Anton; Greiner, Alfred
2017 Optimal R&D investment with learning-by-doing: Multiple steady-states and thresholdsGreiner, Alfred; Bondarev, Anton
2017 Sensitivity of energy system investments to policy regulation changes: Application of the blue sky catastropheBondarev, Anton; Weigt, Hannes
2017 Dynamic heterogeneous R&D with cross-technologies interactionsBondarev, Anton; Krysiak, Frank C.
2017 Robust policy schemes for R&D games with asymmetric informationBondarev, Anton; Krysiak, Frank C.
2017 The Intricacy of Adapting to Climate Change: Flood Protection as a Local Public Goods GameBondarev, Anton; Hintermann, Beat; Krysiak, Frank C.; Winkler, Ralph
2018 Games without winners: Catching-up with asymmetric spilloversBondarev, Anton
2018 Robust policy schemes for R&D games with asymmetric informationBondarev, Anton
2018 Adaptation to catastrophic events with two layers uncertainty: Central planner perspectiveBondarev, Anton; Krysiak, Frank C.
2018 Heterogeneous R&D spillovers and sustainable growth: Limits to efficient regulationBondarev, Anton
2018 Global warming and technical change: Multiple steady-states and policy optionsBondarev, Anton; Greiner, Alfred