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2004Agricultural and food trade in Central and Eastern Europe: the case of Slovenian intra-industry tradeBojnec, Štefan; Hartmann, Monika
2007Comparative advantages in agro-food trade of Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia with the European UnionBojnec, Štefan; Fertő, Imre
2009Croatia's EU accession: socio-economic assessment of farm households and policy recommendationsMöllers, Judith; Zier, Patrick; Frohberg, Klaus; Buchenrieder, Gertrud; Bojnec, Štefan
2010Institutions, policy reforms and efficiency in new member states from Centraland Eastern EuropeBojnec, Štefan; Fertő, Imre; Jámbor, Attila; Tóth, József
2011Patterns and determinants of agro-food trade of the BRIC countries: The role of institutionBojnec, Štefan; Fertő, Imre; Fogarasi, József
2012Investment and Financial Constraints in European Agriculture: Evidence from France, Hungary and SloveniaFertő, Imre; Bakucs, Zoltán; Bojnec, Štefan; Latruffe, Laure
2012EU Enlargement and Agro-Food Export Performance on EU Market SegmentsBojnec, Štefan; Fertő, Imre
2015Farm size and participation in agri-environmental measures: Farm-level evidence from SloveniaUnay-Gailhard, İlkay; Bojnec, Štefan
2016Sustainable participation behaviour in agri-environmental measuresUnay-Gailhard, İlkay; Bojnec, Štefan
2019Locally produced organic food: Consumer preferencesBojnec, Štefan; Petrescu, Dacinia Crina; Petrescu-Mag, Ruxandra Mălina; Rădulescu, Carmen Valentina
2021Subsidies and economic and financial performance of enterprisesBojnec, Štefan; Žampa, Sabina
2021Technical analysis of tourism price process in the EurozoneGričar, Sergej; Bojnec, Štefan
2021Gender and the environmental concerns of young farmers: Do young women farmers make a difference on family farms?Unay-Gailhard, İlkay; Bojnec, Štefan
2021The investment behaviour of dairy farms in transition economiesFertő, Imre; Bojnec, Štefan; Fogarasi, József; Viira, Ants Hannes
2022Modelling seasonal short-run effects in time-series tourism pricesGricar, Sergej; Bojnec, Štefan
2022Insight into predicted shocks in tourism: Review of an ex-ante forecastingGricar, Sergej; Bojnec, Štefan; Baldigara, Tea
2023A model of international development cooperation: The case of SloveniaRogelj, Janez; Bojnec, Štefan; Logožar, Klavdij