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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Some Cambridge reactions to The General Theory: David Champernowne and Joan Robinson on full employmentBoianovsky, Mauro
2013 In the Kingdom of Solovia: The Rise of Growth Economics at MIT, 1956-1970Boianovsky, Mauro; Hoover, Kevin D.
2014 Why did Wicksell change his mind about the machinery question?Boianovsky, Mauro
2015 Beyond capital fundamentalism: Harrod, Domar and the history of development economicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2015 Modeling Economic Growth: Domar on Moving EquilibriumBoianovsky, Mauro
2016 Wicksell, secular stagnation and the negative natural rate of interestBoianovsky, Mauro
2017 When the history of ideas meets theory: Arthur Lewis and the classical economists on developmentBoianovsky, Mauro
2017 Economists and their travels, or the time when JFK sent Douglass North on a mission to BrazilBoianovsky, Mauro
2017 Between Pigou and Keynes: Champernowne on employment and expectationsBoianovsky, Mauro
2017 Optimum saving and growth: Harrod on dynamic welfare economicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2017 Macroeconomics the Latin American way: Sunkel and the quest for a structuralist modelBoianovsky, Mauro
2017 O encontro entre Douglass North e Celso Furtado em 1961: Visões alternativas sobre a economia nordestinaBoianovsky, Mauro; Monasterio, Leonardo Monteiro
2018 The Brazilian connection in Milton Friedman's 1967 presidential address and 1976 Nobel lectureBoianovsky, Mauro
2018 The development economist as historian of economics: The case of William J. BarberBoianovsky, Mauro
2018 Cambridge anticipations of the natural rate hypothesis? Robertson and Champernowne revisitedBoianovsky, Mauro
2019 Paul Samuelson's ways to macroeconomic dynamicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2019 Samuelson on populist democracy, fascist capitalism, and the vicissitudes of South American economic development (1948-1997)Boianovsky, Mauro
2019 Economic debates under authoritarian regimes: The case of the income distribution controversy in Brazil in the 1970sAndrada, Alexandre F. S.; Boianovsky, Mauro
2019 Reacting to Samuelson: Early development economics and the factor-price equalization theoremBoianovsky, Mauro
2019 Divergence and convergence: Paul Samuelson on economic developmentBoianovsky, Mauro