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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Economic impacts of alternative uses of the digital dividendForge, Simon; Blackman, Colin; Bohlin, Erik
2008 From static to dynamic regulation: Recent developments in US telecommunications policyBauer, Johannes M.; Bohlin, Erik
2010 The Mobile Broadband and Fixed Broadband Battle in Swedish market: Exploring complementary or substitutionSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong; Bohlin, Erik
2010 On the ICT Economy in the European Countries: Investigating the Contribution of the ICT Sectors Using the Input-Output ModelRohman, Ibrahim Kholilul; Bohlin, Erik
2011 Understanding the digital divide: A literature survey and ways forwardSrinuan, Chalita; Bohlin, Erik
2011 An analysis of mobile internet service in Thailand: Implications for bridging digital divideSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong; Bohlin, Erik
2011 A global analysis of third generation mobile telecommunications market entryMadden, Gary; Morey, Aaron; Bohlin, Erik
2011 Evolution of the EU broadband policy: Towards an integrated framework?Teppayayon, Orada; Bohlin, Erik
2011 Would you prefer a set menu or à la carte? An empirical study of multiple services and choices of consumer in the Swedish telecommunications marketSrinuan, Pratompong; Srinuan, Chalita; Bohlin, Erik
2011 Towards the alternative measurement: Discovering the relationships between technology adoption and quality of life in IndonesiaRohman, Ibrahim Kholilul; Bohlin, Erik
2012 Does broadband speed really matter for driving economic growth? Investigating OECD countriesRohman, Ibrahim Kholilul; Bohlin, Erik
2012 Exploring mobile pricing strategies and innovations in the Thai mobile communications marketSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong; Bohlin, Erik
2012 An empirical study of unbundling regulation on broadband adoption in OECD countries: What can we learn for future regulation?Kongaut, Chatchai; Bohlin, Erik
2013 Impact of broadband speed on household income: Comparing OECD and BICRohman, Ibrahim Kholilul; Bohlin, Erik
2013 Spectrum licensing, policy instruments and market entryMadden, Gary; Bohlin, Erik; Tran, Thien; Morey, Aaron
2014 Consumer demand for the mobile Internet in a greenfield emerging market: The case of MyanmarThaw Tar Min; Fife, Elizabeth; Bohlin, Erik
2014 Impact of broadband speed on economic outputs: An empirical study of OECD countriesKongaut, Chatchai; Bohlin, Erik
2014 Investigating mobile broadband adoption and usage: S case of smartphone in SwedenKongaut, Chatchai; Bohlin, Erik
2014 Why you cannot fit a round peg in a square hole: Path dependence of radio spectrum policy on digital dividend in Italy and the United KingdomMassaro, Maria; Bohlin, Erik
2014 Is the European Union moving towards a strategic development of radio spectrum policy? A review of the Connected Continent legislative proposalMassaro, Maria; Bohlin, Erik