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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Making GHG emissions trading work – Crucial issues in designing national and international emmissions trading systemsButzengeiger, Sonja; Betz, Regina; Bode, Sven
2001 Avoiding perverse effects of baseline and investment additionality determination in the case of renewable energy projectsBode, Sven; Michaelowa, Axel
2003 Europe - a Pioneer in greenhouse gas emissions trading: History of rule development and major design elementsButzengeiger, Sonja; Michaelowa, Axel; Bode, Sven
2003 Implications of Linking National Emission Trading Schemes prior to the Start of the First Commitment Period of the Kyoto ProtocolBode, Sven
2003 Equal emissions per capita over time: A proposal to combine responsibility and equity of rightsBode, Sven
2003 Abatement Costs vs. Compliance Costs in Multi-Period Emissions Trading - The Firms' PerspectiveBode, Sven
2004 Multi-Period Emissions Trading in the Electricity Sector: Winners and LosersBode, Sven
2004 European Climate Policy: Burden Sharing after 2012Bode, Sven
2004 On the Integration of Carbon Capture and Storage into the International Climate RegimeBode, Sven; Jung, Martina
2005 Berechtigte Strompreiserhöhungen? EmissionszertifikateBode, Sven
2005 Discrimination against Newcomers: Impacts of the German Emission Trading Regime on the Electricity SectorBode, Sven; Hübl, Lothar; Schaffner, Joey; Twelemann, Sven
2005 Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS): liability for non-permanence under the UNFCCCBode, Sven; Jung, Martina
2005 CO2-Abscheidung und Ablagerung (CAA): Ordnungsrechtliche Aspekte und ökonomische Implikationen im Rahmen des EU-EmissionshandelsDietrich, Lars; Bode, Sven
2005 Ökologische und wettbewerbliche Wirkungen der Übertragungs- und der Kompensationsregel des Zuteilungsgesetzes 2007 auf die StromerzeugungBode, Sven; Hübl, Lothar; Schaffner, Joey; Twelemann, Sven
2006 The Effect of the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) on "the Electricity Price"Bode, Sven; Groscurth, Helmuth-Michael
2006 Montreal - ein Teilerfolg: KlimakonferenzBode, Sven
2006 Das Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz und die IndustriestrompreiseBode, Sven; Groscurth, Helmuth-Michael
2006 CO2-Ablagerung und Wettbewerb im EU-EmissionshandelssystemBode, Sven
2006 On the impact of renewable energy support schemes on power pricesBode, Sven
2006 Zur Wirkung des EEG auf den "Strompreis"Bode, Sven; Groscurth, Helmuth-Michael