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2015Exports and domestic demand pressure: a dynamic panel data model for the euro area countriesBobeica, Elena; Soares Esteves, Paulo; Rua, António; Staehr, Karsten
2016The role of price and cost competitiveness for intra- and extra-euro area trade of euro area countriesBobeica, Elena; Christodoulopoulou, Styliani; Tkačevs, Olegs
2017Demographics and inflationBobeica, Elena; Nickel, Christiane; Lis, Eliza; Sun, Yiqiao
2017What drives export market shares? It depends! An empirical analysis using Bayesian Model AveragingOsbat, Chiara; Benkovskis, Konstantins; Bluhm, Benjamin; Bobeica, Elena; Zeugner, Stefan
2017Missing disinflation and missing inflation: the puzzles that aren'tBobeica, Elena; Jarociński, Marek
2019The link between labor cost and price inflation in the euro areaBobeica, Elena; Ciccarelli, Matteo; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2019Understanding low wage growth in the euro area and European countriesNickel, Christiane; Bobeica, Elena; Koester, Gerrit; Lis, Eliza Magdalena; Porqueddu, Mario
2020PCCI: A data-rich measure of underlying inflation in the euro areaBańbura, Marta; Bobeica, Elena
2020Does the Phillips curve help to forecast euro area inflation?Banbura, Marta; Bobeica, Elena
2021The COVID-19 shock and challenges for time series modelsBobeica, Elena; Hartwig, Benny
2021The changing link between labor cost and price inflation in the United StatesBobeica, Elena; Ciccarelli, Matteo; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2023Bringing Inflation Back Under ControlBobeica, Elena; Holton, Sarah; Koester, Gerrit
2023What drives core inflation? The role of supply shocksBańbura, Marta; Bobeica, Elena; Martínez Hernández, Catalina