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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1971 The Possibility of Oversupply with External EconomiesBoadway, Robin
1991 Public Goods, Self-Selection and Optimal Income TaxationBoadway, Robin; Keen, Michael
1991 Publicly Provided Unemployment Insurance and CommitmentBoadway, Robin; Marceau, Nicolas
1991 The Redistributive Role of Minimum Wage Legislation and Unemployment InsuranceMarceau, Nicolas; Boadway, Robin
1992 Investment in Education and the Time Inconsistency of Redistributive Tax PolicyBoadway, Robin; Marceau, Nicolas; Marchand, Maurice
1992 Towards a Theory of the Direct-Indirect Tax MixBoadway, Robin; Marchand, Maurice; Pestieau, Pierre
1999 REDISTRIBUTIONBoadway, Robin; Keen, Michael
1999 Monitoring Job Search as an Instrument for Targeting TransfersBoadway, Robin; Cuff, Katherine
1999 Inter-Jurisdictional Competition for Firms: Jobs as Vehicles for RedistributionBoadway, Robin; Cuff, Katherine; Marceau, Nicolas
1999 A Minimum Wage can be Welfare-Improving and Employment-EnhancingBoadway, Robin; Cuff, Katherine
2001 Trading Off Tax Distortion and Tax EvasionRichter, Wolfram F.; Boadway, Robin
2002 Indirect Taxation and Redistribution: The Scope of the Atkinson-Stiglitz TheoremBoadway, Robin; Pestieau, Pierre
2002 An Evaluation of the Risk-Sharing Function of Equalization in CanadaBoadway, Robin; Hayashi, Masayoshi
2002 Social Insurance and RedistributionBoadway, Robin; Leite-Monteiro, Manuel; Marchand, Maurice; Pestieau, Pierre
2003 Public Economics and Startup EntrepreneursBoadway, Robin; Tremblay, Jean-Fran├žois
2003 National taxation, fiscal federalism and global taxationBoadway, Robin
2003 The Theory and Practice of EqualizationBoadway, Robin
2003 An Evaluation of the Stabilization Properties of Equalization in CanadaBoadway, Robin; Hayashi, Masayoshi
2004 Financing New Investments under Asymmetric Information: A General ApproachBoadway, Robin; Keen, Michael