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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996The determinants and effects of work-related training in BritainBlundell, Richard; Dearden, Lorraine; Meghir, Costas
1997Nonparametric Engel Curves and Revealed PreferenceBlundell, Richard; Browning, Martin; Crawford, Ian
1998Labour supply: a review of alternative approachesBlundell, Richard; MaCurdy, Thomas
1999Interpreting aggregate wage growthBlundell, Richard; Reed, Howard; Stoker, Thomas
1999Individual effects and dynamics in count data modelsBlundell, Richard; Griffith, Rachel; Windmeijer, Frank
1999Getting the unemployed back to work: the role of targeted wage subsidiesBell, Brian; Blundell, Richard; Reenen, John Van
1999GMM estimation with persistent panel data: an application to production functionsBlundell, Richard; Bond, Steve
2000Wealth inequality in the United States and Great BritainBanks, James; Blundell, Richard; Smith, James P.
2000Estimation in dynamic panel data models: improving on the performance of the standard GMM estimatorBlundell, Richard; Bond, Steve; Windmeijer, Frank
2000Identifying demand for health resources using waiting times informationBlundell, Richard; Windmeijer, Frank
2001Evaluating the employment impact of a mandatory job search assistance programBlundell, Richard; Costa Dias, Monica; Meghir, Costas; Van Reenen, John
2001Endogeneity in nonparametric and semiparametric regression modelsBlundell, Richard; Powell, James
2002Active labour market policy vs employment tax credits: lessons from recent UK reformsBlundell, Richard; Meghir, Costas
2002Competition and innovation: An inverted u relationshipAghion, Philippe; Bloom, Nicholas; Blundell, Richard; Griffith, Rachel; Howitt, Peter
2005Best nonparametric bounds on demand responsesBlundell, Richard; Browning, Martin; Crawford, Ian
2005Job changes, hours changes and the path of labour supply adjustmentBlundell, Richard; Brewer, Mike; Francesconi, Marco
2005Best nonparametric bounds on demand responsesBlundell, Richard; Browning, Martin; Crawford, Ian
2005Heterogeneity and the nonparametric analysis of consumer choice: Conditions for invertibilityBeckert, Walter; Blundell, Richard
2006State pensions and the well-being of the elderly in the UKBanks, James; Blundell, Richard; Emmerson, Carl; Oldfield, Zoƫ
2006The effects of entry on incumbent innovation and productivityAghion, Philippe; Blundell, Richard; Griffith, Rachel; Howitt, Peter; Prantl, Susanne