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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 An experimental investigation of optimal learning in coordination gamesBlume, Andreas; Gneezy, Uri
1998 Coordination and learning with a partial languageBlume, Andreas
1998 Learning in sender-receiver gamesBlume, Andreas; DeJong, Douglas V.; Neumann, George R.; Savin, Nathan E.
2000 Security needs and the performance of the defense industryBlume, Andreas; Tishler, Asher
2001 Tacit collusion in repeated auctionsBlume, Andreas; Heidhues, Paul
2003 Private monitoring in auctionsBlume, Andreas; Heidhues, Paul
2006 All Nash Equilibria of the Multi-Unit Vickrey AuctionBlume, Andreas; Heidhues, Paul; Lafky, Jonathan; M√ľnster, Johannes; Zhang, Meixia
2007 Noisy talkBlume, Andreas; Board, Oliver J.; Kawamura, Kohei
2011 Dynamic Coordination via Organizational RoutinesBlume, Andreas; Franco, April Mitchell; Heidhues, Paul
2011 Coordination, efficiency and pre-play communication with forgone costly messagesKriss, Peter H.; Blume, Andreas; Weber, Roberto A.
2011 Dynamic coordination via organizational routinesBlume, Andreas; Franco, April M.; Heidhues, Paul
2013 Dynamic Coordination via Organizational RoutinesHeidhues, Paul; Blume, Andreas; Franco, April
2013 Eliciting private information with noise: The case of randomized responseBlume, Andreas; Lai, Ernest K.; Lim, Wooyoung
2014 Pre-play communication with forgone costly messages: Experimental evidence on forward inductionBlume, Andreas; Kriss, Peter H.; Weber, Roberto
2016 Pre-Play Communication with Forgone Costly Messages: Experimental Evidence on Forward InductionBlume, Andreas; Kriss, Peter H.; Weber, Roberto A.