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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 The real options effect of uncertainty on investment and labour demandBloom, Nicholas
2000 Real options, patents, productivity and market value: Evidence from a panel of British firmsBloom, Nicholas; Reenen, John Van
2001 The dynamics of investment under uncertaintyBloom, Nicholas; Bond, Stephen; Van Reenen, John
2002 Competition and innovation: An inverted u relationshipAghion, Philippe; Bloom, Nicholas; Blundell, Richard; Griffith, Rachel; Howitt, Peter
2012 Has Economic Policy Uncertainty Hampered the Recovery?Baker, Scott; Bloom, Nicholas; Davis, Steven J.
2013 Productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurship programBloom, Nicholas; Lerner, Josh
2013 Innovation, reallocation and growthAcemoglu, Daron; Akcigit, Ufuk; Bloom, Nicholas; Kerr, William
2014 Does Management Matter in Schools?Bloom, Nicholas; Lemos, Renata; Sadun, Raffaella; Van Reenen, John
2016 Management as a Technology?Bloom, Nicholas; Sadun, Raffaella; Van Reenen, John
2016 Management practices, workforce selection, and productivityBender, Stefan; Bloom, Nicholas; Card, David; Van Reenen, John; Wolter, Stefanie
2017 What Drives Differences in Management?Bloom, Nicholas; Brynjolfsson, Erik; Foster, Lucia; Jarmin, Ron; Patnaik, Megha; Saporta-Eksten, Itay; Van Reenen, John
2017 Turbulence, Firm Decentralization and Growth in Bad TimesAghion, Philippe; Bloom, Nicholas; Lucking, Brian; Sadun, Raffaella; Van Reenen, John
2018 Managing Trade: Evidence from China and the USBloom, Nicholas; Manova, Kalina; Van Reenen, John; Sun, Stephen Teng; Yu, Zhihong
2019 Surveying business uncertaintyAltig, David; Barrero, Jose Maria; Bloom, Nicholas; Davis, Steven J.; Meyer, Brent; Parker, Nicholas
2020 Economic uncertainty before and during the COVID-19 pandemicAltig, Dave; Baker, Scott Brent; Barrero, Jose Maria; Bloom, Nicholas; Bunn, Phil; Chen, Scarlet; Davis, Steven J.; Meyer, Brent; Mihaylov, Emil; Mizen, Paul; Parker, Nicholas; Renault, Thomas; Smietanka, Pawel; Thwaites, Greg
2021 World Management Survey at 18: Lessons and the Way ForwardScur, Daniela; Sadun, Raffaella; Van Reenen, John; Lemos, Renata; Bloom, Nicholas
2021 Pandemic-era uncertainty on Main Street and Wall StreetMeyer, Brent; Mihaylov, Emil; Davis, Steven J.; Parker, Nicholas; Altig, David; Barrero, Jose Maria; Bloom, Nicholas
2021 COVID-19 is a persistent reallocation shockBarrero, Jose Maria; Bloom, Nicholas; Davis, Steven J.; Meyer, Brent H.
2021 Productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurshipBloom, Nicholas; Lerner, Joshua; Williams, Heidi
2022 Pandemic-Era UncertaintyMeyer, Brent; Mihaylov, Emil; Barrero, Jose Maria; Davis, Steven J.; Altig, David; Bloom, Nicholas