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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Appropriation in the commons: variations in the opportunity costs of conservationBlanco, Esther; Lopez, Maria Claudia; Walker, James M.
2012 Evolutionary success and failure of wildlife conservancy programsBlanco, Esther; Lozano, Javier
2013 Tensions Between the Resource Damage and the Private Benefits of Appropriation in the CommonsBlanco, Esther; Lopez, Maria Claudia; Walker, James M.
2014 Externalities in appropriation: Responses to probabilistic lossesBlanco, Esther; Haller, Tobias; Walker, James M.
2014 Setting one voluntary standard in a heterogeneous Europe: EMAS, corruption and stringency of environmental regulationsBorsky, Stefan; Blanco, Esther
2014 To mitigate or to adapt? Collective action under asymmetries in vulnerability to lossesBlanco, Esther; Dutcher, E. Glenn; Haller, Tobias
2014 On fraud and certification of corporate social responsibilityArguedas, Carmen; Blanco, Esther
2016 Provision of public goods: Unconditional and conditional donations from outsidersBlanco, Esther; Haller, Tobias; Walker, James M.
2019 The role of non-binding pledges in social dilemmas with mitigation and adaptationMcEvoy, David M.; Haller, Tobias; Blanco, Esther
2020 Substitution of social concerns under the Covid-19 pandemicBlanco, Esther; Baier, Alexandra; Holzmeister, Felix; Jaber-Lopez, Tarek; Struwe, Natalie
2020 Experimental evidence on sharing rules and additionality in transfer paymentsBlanco, Esther; Struwe, Natalie; Walker, James