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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Rent seeking als classroom game: Ein ErfahrungsberichtBischoff, Ivo; Hofmann, Kai
2001 Interpersonelle Verteilungswirkungen aus dem Angebot öffentlicher haushaltsbezogener Infrastruktur: Eine empirische Analyse für ausgesuchte Bereiche in Deutschland zu Beginn der 90er JahreBischoff, Ivo; Heck, Stephan
2001 Determinants of the influence of voters and interest groups on the political decision making processBischoff, Ivo
2002 Wo bitte geht es zur politischen Mitte?Bischoff, Ivo
2002 Institutional choice in social dilemmas: An experimental approachBischoff, Ivo
2002 Efficiency-enhancing effects of private and collective enterprises in transitional ChinaBischoff, Ivo
2003 Electoral competition in a multidimensional political arena - parallel moves instead of convergence in policy platformsBischoff, Ivo
2003 Party competition in a heterogeneous electorate – the role of dominant-issue-votersBischoff, Ivo
2006 Tax projections in German states – manipulated by opportunistic incumbent parties?Bischoff, Ivo; Gohout, Wolfgang
2006 Institutional choice vs communication in social dilemmas – an experimental approachBischoff, Ivo
2006 Endowment effect theory, prediction bias and publicly provided goods – an experimental studyBischoff, Ivo
2006 Endowment effect theory and the Samuelson solution – a thought experimentBischoff, Ivo
2006 Übungsaufgaben zu Öffentliche FinanzenBischoff, Ivo; Haslauer, Martin; Luh, Christine; Saueressig, Tobias; Tanzmann, Lars
2008 Good policy choices even when voters entertain biased beliefs: a model with endogenous valenceBischoff, Ivo; Siemers, Lars-H. R.
2008 Voting experiments: bandwagon voting or false-consensus effect?Bischoff, Ivo; Egbert, Henrik
2008 Conditional Grants, Grant-Seeking and Welfare when there is Government Failure on the Subordinate LevelBischoff, Ivo
2008 Individual Determinants of Social Fairness Assessments: The Case of GermanyHennighausen, Tanja; Heinemann, Friedrich; Bischoff, Ivo
2008 Bandwagon voting or false-consensus effect in voting experiments? First results and methodological limitsBischoff, Ivo; Egbert, Henrik
2009 Choosing from the Reform Menu Card: Individual Determinants of Labour Market Policy PreferencesHennighausen, Tanja; Bischoff, Ivo; Heinemann, Friedrich
2010 Social information and bandwagon behaviour in voting: An economic experimentBischoff, Ivo; Egbert, Henrik