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2016 The Interpretations of Social Innovation and the Helix Models through a System of University RelationsBirkner, Zoltán; Máhr, Tivadar; Rodek Berkes, Nora
2017 Green hopes: Spatial and Settlement Development Operative Programs in the Programming Period 2014-2020Máhr, Tivadar; Birkner, Zoltán; Rodek Berkes, Nóra
2017 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Water Industry SectorRodek Berkes, Nora; Birkner, Zoltán; Máhr, Tivadar
2017 The Opportunities of Small and Medium-Sized Cities in the Globalizing WorldBirkner, Zoltán; Máhr, Tivadar; Rodek Berkes, Nora
2018 Characteristics of innovation in regions with small- and medium-sized townsBirkner, Zoltán; Máhr, Tivadar; Péter, Erzsébet; Berkes, Nora Rodek
2019 Are the Hungarians on the Right Track Toward Sustainable Consumption?Rodek, Nóra; Marton, Zsuzsanna; Ernszt, Ildikó; Birkner, Zoltán
2019 Redefined Innovation Ecosystem Promoting the Innovation Activities of the Hungarian EnterprisesBirkner, Zoltán; Hartyányi, Zsófia; Rodek, Nora
2020 Social Innovation: Examples within Hungarian contextRodek, Nóra; Birkner, Zoltán; Máhr, Tivadar; Rentz, Tamás
2020 A Corporate Sustainable Responsibility Management Tool that Supports the Sustainable Development GoalsRodek, Nora; Birkner, Zoltán; Máhr, Tivadar; Rentz, Tamás
2020 Innovation in the Service Sector: A Possible Recipe for Success for the Spa Towns of Central EuropeRodek, Nóra; Máhr, Tivadar; Birkner, Zoltán