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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Die Stabilisierungswirkungen von MindestreservenBindseil, Ulrich
1997 Reserve requirements and economic stabilizationBindseil, Ulrich
2001 Central bank forecasts of liquidity factors: Quality, publication and the control of the overnight rateBindseil, Ulrich
2001 The supply and demand for Eurosystem deposits - The first 18 monthsBindseil, Ulrich; Seitz, Franz
2002 Bidding and performance in repo auctions: evidence from ECB open market operationsNyborg, Kjell G.; Strebulaev, Ilya A.; Bindseil, Ulrich
2002 Equilibrium bidding in the Eurosystem's open market operationsBindseil, Ulrich
2004 Excess reserves and implementation of monetary policy of the ECBBindseil, Ulrich; Camba-Méndez, Gonzalo; Hirsch, Astrid; Weller, Benedict
2004 The longer term refinancing operations of the ECBLinzert, Tobias; Nautz, Dieter; Bindseil, Ulrich
2004 The role of central bank capital revisitedBindseil, Ulrich; Manzanares, Andrés; Weller, Benedict
2004 The operational target of monetary policy and the rise and fall of reserve position doctrineBindseil, Ulrich
2004 Over- and underbidding in central bank open market operations conducted as fixed rate tenderBindseil, Ulrich
2005 Bidding and Performance in Repo Auctions: Evidence from ECB Open Market OperationsNyborg, Kjell G.; Bindseil, Ulrich; Strebulaev, Ilya A.
2006 Credit risk mitigation in central bank operations and its effects on financial markets - the case of the EurosystemBindseil, Ulrich; Papadia, Francesco
2007 The use of portfolio credit risk models in Central BanksBindseil, Ulrich; van der Hoorn, Han; Nyholm, Ken; Schwartzlose, Henrik; Ledoyen, Pierre; Föttinger, Wolfgang; Monar, Fernando; Boux, Bérénice; Chiappa, Gigliola; Honings, Noëlle; Amado, Ricardo; Sotamaa, Kai; Rosen, Dan; Task Force of the Market Operations Committee of the European System of Central Banks
2011 The optimal width of the central bank standing facilities corridor and banks' day-to-day liquidity managementBindseil, Ulrich; Jabłecki, Juliusz
2011 A structural model of central bank operations and bank intermediationBindseil, Ulrich; Jabłecki, Juliusz
2011 Weitere Anmerkungen zur Debatte um Target2 während der FinanzkriseBindseil, Ulrich; Thiman, Philippine Cour-; Philipp, König
2011 The Basel III framework for liquidity standards and monetary policyBindseil, Ulrich; Lamoot, Jeroen
2011 The economics of TARGET2 balancesBindseil, Ulrich; König, Philipp Johann
2012 Dual liquidity crises under alternative monetary frameworks: a financial accounts perspectiveBindseil, Ulrich; Winkler, Adalbert