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2009 Ocean iron fertilization: An option for mitigating climate change?Bertram, Christine
2009 Ocean iron fertilization in the context of the Kyoto Protocol and the post-Kyoto processBertram, Christine
2010 Integrating biodiversity indices into a multi-species optimal control modelBertram, Christine
2010 Integrating biodiversity indices into a multi-species optimal control modelBertram, Christine
2010 Embedding CCS infrastructure into the European electricity system: A policy coordination problemHeitmann, Nadine; Bertram, Christine; Narita, Daiju
2010 Tackling the tragedy of the water commonsBertram, Christine; Rehdanz, Katrin; Chartres, Colin J.; Gerten, Dieter; Leape, James P.
2011 Metalliferous sediments in the Atlantis II Deep: Assessing the geological and economic resource potential and legal constraintsBertram, Christine; Krätschell, Anna; O'Brien, Killian; Brückmann, Warner; Proelss, Alexander
2012 On the environmental effectiveness of the EU marine strategy framework directiveBertram, Christine; Rehdanz, Katrin
2012 How will Germany's CCS policy affect the development of a European CO2 transport infrastructure?Bertram, Christine; Heitmann, Nadine; Narita, Daiju; Schwedeler, Markus
2014 The role of urban green space for human well-beingBertram, Christine; Rehdanz, Katrin
2020 Contingent Behavior and Asymmetric Preferences for Baltic Sea Coastal RecreationBertram, Christine; Ahtiainen, Heini; Meyerhoff, Jürgen; Pakalniete, Kristine; Pouta, Eija; Rehdanz, Katrin
2020 Urban land use fragmentation and human wellbeingBertram, Christine; Goebel, Jan; Krekel, Christian; Rehdanz, Katrin
2020 Operationalizing Ocean Health: Toward Integrated Research on Ocean Health and Recovery to Achieve Ocean SustainabilityFranke, Andrea; Blenckner, Thorsten; Duarte, Carlos M.; Ott, Konrad; Fleming, Lora E.; Avan, Antia; Reusch, Thorsten B.H.; Bertram, Christine; Hein, Jonas; Kronfeld-Goharani, Ulrike; Dierking, Jan; Kuhn, Annegret; Sato, Chie; van Doorn, Erik; Wall, Marlene; Schartau, Markus; Karez, Rolf; Crowder, Larry; Keller, David; Engel, Anja; Hentschel, Ute; Prigge, Enno